Information Technology – Backbone for Developing Nations



In a developing nation, introduction of Information technology at Primary school level and continuing the ICT based learning life-long in the form of policy for eradicating adult literacy on ICT based learning will ignite the new era of knowledge.

Moving forward to achieve this, developing nations must show their commitment on implementing ICT Based Life-Long Learning. Imparting Nationwide Policy on ICT based education will

  • improve efficient delivery of resources to the poor.
  • bring markets within reach of rural communities to improve government services, and
  • transfer knowledge to the needy to meet national goals.

Imparting ICT based life-long learning for adults in zones with low literacy will not only increase literacy, but it will increase economic yield eliminating poverty, raise awareness towards health issues, benefit women and children on improving their overall standards of living.

Keeping in mind that ICT Based education in rural areas is the best way forward, a suggested strategy may include the following:

(i) Radio-assisted instruction in the form of audio lecture or lessons provided as a printed material to be used by the learners in which they respond to the radio instructions. An alternative approach is interactive radio instructions, where learners give feedback & answers to questions and exercises through verbal responses to the radio event organizers, when the programme is on air.

(ii) Television-assisted instruction brings learning concepts like dramatization, video clips, animations, simulations and visual effects.

(iii) Computer-assisted instruction brings much interactive exchange unlike Television-assisted instruction. Here Computer will be used by the instructor and learners to present instruction material and to perform task for learning.

(iv) Internet-assisted instruction is an interactive method where the learner learns from the wide content from World Wide Web. Learners explore more constructive information over the online resources for their pedagogical purposes and construct their own knowledge for different purposes.

New age media is providing learning grounds, such as web-based courses, interactive websites, online libraries, chat rooms etc. which should be introduced and implemented among the learning community effectively.

If ICT is termed to be as fundamental and a basic necessity for an individual person and it is learnt appropriately then an Individual will grow; if an individual person is knowledgeable, he/she should not stop. The knowledge must be transferred to learning community, whereby a new learning community grows thereby building a nation with a strong technical backbone. ICT can therefore, help bring improvements in major areas such as Medical Sciences, Agriculture, Education, Transportation, IT development, Environment, Trading, Business, Telecommunication etc.

An ideal society should be mobile, should have multiple means for communicating  changes taking place around the world. In an ideal society, there should be many interests consciously communicated and shared.

Vijesh Krishnamurthy

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