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BIT311 – Basic Calculus


  • Limits and Continuity
  • Derivability
  • Successive Differentiation
  • General Theorems
  • Expansions
  • Asymptotes
  • Curvature
  • Multiple Point, Tests for Concavity and Convexity, Points of Inflexion

Credits Awarded    :    3

BIT 312 – Computer Organization and Architecture

This course teaches the basics of digital computer organization. It enables students to appreciate how the computer works as a system and the interrelationships among the various devices.
Topics include instruction codes, direct and indirect addressing, timing and control signals generation; instructions cycle, memory reference instruction, input-output instruction; central processing unit: register organization, memory stack one address and two address instruction, data transfer, software and hardware interrupts, arithmetic and instruction pipelines; input-output organization:  synchronous and asynchronous data transfer, handshaking, DMA transfer, interfacing peripherals with CPU, keyboard, mouse, printer, scanner, network communication card; memory organization: ROM, RAM, Hard disk, CD-ROM, Cache memory, direct mapping, virtual memory.
Students will be expected to undertake significant hardware exercises
Credits Awarded    :    3

BIT 313 – Principles and Practices of Management

This course teaches about these topics of management.

  • Business – The Purpose of Management
  • Designing Organization for Business
  • Need for managing organization and business
  • Managing applications
  • Management of standard functions
  • Managing resources
  • Planning & Decision Making
  • Organizing & Staffing
  • Leading – Directing, Communicating & Motivating
  • Controlling & Coordinating
  • Evolution of Management thoughts

Credits Awarded    :    3

BIT314 – Management Information System

This course provides the student with an introduction to the need for management information integration.  The course covers basic concepts involved in thinking for a strategy to integrate all processes in an management in an effective manner and provide a complete business solution.  
Credits Awarded    :    3

BIT315 – Data Structures and Algorithms
This course aims at introducing students to how the computer handles different forms and types of data from data input through processing to output.  It covers different data formats acceptable to different subsystems in the computer.
Topics include data representation: abstract data types, fundamental and derived data types, representation, primitive data structure; algorithm definitions, comparison of algorithms, top-down and bottom-up approaches to algorithm design, analysis of algorithm, frequency count, complexity measures, structured approach to programming; Arrays; Stacks and Queues; Linked Lists; Trees; Searching, Sorting and Complexity; Graph.
Credits Awarded    :    3

BIT 316 –Object Oriented Programming using Java

This course introduces object-oriented programming using the Java programming language.
Topics include Object oriented programming approach, introduction to Java, fundamentals of Java, classes and objects, relationship between classes, exception handling, applets and applications, threads, packages and Java architecture.

Credits Awarded    :    3

BIT317 – Digital System

This course provides the student with an introduction to technologies behind digital systems and their working. Students will be familiarized with super computing technologies.
Credits Awarded    :    3

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