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BIT421- Network Computing/ Web Application Project 2

In this course, students are to design and complete a major inquiry or industrial research project in the organisations where they are working. The project aims at helping them experience the importance of research as an integral quality of being an Information Technology professional.

The projects are to address issues and questions of genuine interest and concern to the organisations in which they are working. The final reports are to be shared with the organisations who have vested interest in the outcomes of the project.
The following guidelines are discussed with respect to the 4th year projects which will be considered as an Industry-oriented Information Technology Research project.

  • This could be an individual or a group project; and for a group project the group size should be restricted to maximum of 3 members.
  • Each individual/group should submit a project proposal at the beginning of the 4th year. In the proposal it is necessary to identify the disciplines/areas relevant to the syllabus (e.g. Software Engineering, Web Technology and Network Computing) that would be covered under the selected project. For each identified area, there should be a justification with respect to its relevance to the project.
  • There will be a proposal defence where each individual/group has to justify the project scope. The implementation phase of a project can be carried out if necessary.
  • The evaluation criteria will consist of the main/group project report and final presentation. In addition to this, in case of a group project, there will be a peer evaluation and an individual project report which is required to be submitted by each group member.
Credits Awarded    :    6


BIT422 – WML & WAP Programming Part 2

Understanding of Wireless Access Protocol and developing wireless applications using Wireless Mark up Language.

Credits Awarded    :    3

BIT 423 – Developing Website using Integrated Development Environment

This course has been designed keeping in mind the preceding objective. It starts with concepts, tools, techniques and methods used in print and publishing, website development and editing and authoring of images, audio and video clippings in multimedia environment.
Create engaging and interactive Web interfaces by using text, graphics, animations, and video. Design, create, and upload interactive websites and administer them.
Credits Awarded    :    3

BIT424 – Developing Application using MySQL/PHP

The designing of websites involve creation and enhancement of various graphic items, such as logos, illustrations, and advertisements as per client requirement. Therefore, it is essential for the designers to create appealing, aesthetic, and interactive Web pages.

Apart from being aesthetically appealing, these websites should be dynamic and data-driven. MySQL is a popular open-source relational database whereas  PHP is the scripting language used for developing dynamic data-driven websites. PHP with a MySQL database is a powerful combination because of the stability, the lower server costs (Linux Servers - Apache HTTP Servers) than hosting on other platform offerings.
Credits Awarded    :    3


BIT 425 – Leadership & Governance

This course aims to provide insights into the complexities of moral and ethical issues in society and business. It discusses them with respect to principles of ethics, role of ethics in business, and necessity for ethical conduct in profession and corporate governance for sustainable growth and development of both - economy and society. The contents of this course have been developed with respect to ethics, ethical conducts, ethical responsibility, and ethical governance; cases from the business and society have been analysed; and inferences have been drawn on the role of ethics in business and society for fairness, equity, morality and justice.

Credits Awarded    :    2

BIT426 – IT Law and Practice

This course deals with the cyber space law. Ethics behind cyber development. International laws dedicated to prevent and punish cyber crimes. A general prospective of various organizations involved in the healthy development of web.

Credits Awarded    :    3

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