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BIT 111 - Advance Office Productivity Tools


This subject enables users to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to use Office Productivity Tools (MS Office) effectively.
This subject covers usage of applications for creating professional documents, spreadsheets, use of email, relational database, and preparation of screen-based presentations. Coverage includes MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, MS Outlook and MS Access.

Credits Awarded    :    2

BIT 112 – Operating System 


This course introduces participants to OS Fundamentals,  types of Operating Systems, Providing basic knowledge of Command Line Prompt, Windows 9x and Windows 2008. This is a part of the A+ certification. 

Credits Awarded    :    4

BIT 113 – Programming Logics and Techniques


This course will introduce the student to the exciting world of programming. Students are made to understand various concepts of programming including data types, decision making, conditions and other statements. The student will learn to depict the logic of the programs using Flowcharts and Algorithms.

Credits Awarded    :    4

BIT 114 – Introductory French


This course is structured to aid students within the fields of communication networking, to equip themselves with the competence of basic French. By the end of this course, the student will be able to

  • Ask and give some basic information and understand the responses obtained.
  • Identify and describe persons and places and also address people with the necessary courtesy.
  • Situate Himself/Herself in terms of time and space and express himself/herself in terms of number (i.e., singular and plural).
  • Talk about his/her environment.
  • Equip himself/herself with basic linguistic tools, such as; the present tense of verbs, the articles, the prepositions, gender, the possessives etc....
  • Discover certain cultural and socio-cultural realities in relation to the French language, example; festivals in France, hobbies and leisure, vacations, daily activities in France.
Credits Awarded    :    2

BIT 115 - Communication Skills in English -1


The course is divided into two semesters, to provide a strong foundation to students in professional English Communication, as required from an IT Professional.Topics include Importance of Effective Communication, Types of Communication, Effective Listening and reading, the Listening Process,  Reading Skills and Principles of Effective Business Writing.

Credits Awarded    :    2

BIT 116 – Internet Technologies


The course is teaches students about the amazing world on Internet and various technologies involved in Internet / Web development. Topics include basic concepts of Internet, internet terminologies, WWW, protocols, browser, electronic mails, search engines, basic HTML coding.

Credits Awarded    :    3


Latest BlueCrest College News

Seminar on Relationship between Discipline and Success

Department of Business Administration organised a seminar on “Relationship between Discipline and Success” on 28-03-2017 at BlueCrest Auditorium.  The resource person for the seminar was Mr. Akwasi Acquah, CEO of Community Hospitals Group, Accra.

Mr. Akwasi Acquah started

Preliminary Inter School Quiz Competition Organized at Aburi Presbytarian Senior High School

On Friday 17th March 2017, Mr. Richard Nartey, Training Manager of BlueCrest College along with Mr. Martin Baah, Recruitment Manager and a Team of twenty (20) members from the respective school clubs like IEEE, ITAG, Read to Lead and French Club visited Aburi Presbyterian Senior High S

BCC Train - Preliminary Inter School Quiz Competition Organized at OSU Salem SHS

On Friday 17th March 2017, BlueCrest Train team visited OSU Salem Senior High School, a suburb of Accra to organize the Preliminary stage of the BlueCrest quiz completion. Before the quiz started, our team used that opportunity to recall the histo

Upcoming Seminar on Robotics

BlueCrest College has always been a front runner in the implementation and knowledge transfer of latest technologies.  After the stupendous success of the recent Robotics seminar held on Friday, February 10, 2017, BlueCrest College is organizing a One (1) Day free workshop on April 01, 2017

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