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BIT 221 – Identity and Access Management in Network OS


This course teaches students about identity and access management in a Network OS. Identify Active Directory Domain Services, its roles and objects. Configure Group Policy to manage enterprise security. Manage and configure Domain Name System, Sites, and Active Directory Replication. Identify Directory Service Continuity and manage Multiple Domains and Forests. Identify Identity and Access (IDA) solutions and understand Identify Lifecycle Manager. Configure AD Certificate Services (AD CS), AD Lightweight Directory Service (AD LDS), AD Federation Service (AD FS), and AD Rights Management Service (AD RMS). Maintain and troubleshoot access management solutions and IDA solutions.

Credits Awarded    :    3

BIT 222 – System Administration - Planning and Management


Plan the new Server installation and upgrade from previous version. Deploy and configure active directory domain services and other related services. Plan and deploy application, file and print services on server. Plan for security of the Server network infrastructure. Remotely manage and administer server environment. Plan for backup and disaster recovery plans. Explain the features of PowerShell. Identify the working of PowerShell. Use the Windows PowerShell cmdlets. Generate and customize output using PowerShell Formatting Subsystem. Understand the use of Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI). Automate System Administration using PowerShell.

Credits Awarded    :    3

BIT 223 – Data Communication and Networks


This course covers Data Communication, Transmission Media, Data Modems, Multichannel Data Communication, Data Networks, network Protocols, Fibre Optic Communication and Data Communication System.

Credits Awarded    :    3

BIT 224 – Intermediate French


Students will be able to

  • React by expressing his/her likes, dislikes and opinions.
  • Begin to situate him/ her in the past.
  • Briefly describe humans, places and objects.
  • Be able to propose, accept and refuse proposals.
  • Equip himself/herself with linguistic tools like le passé composé, l’imparfait, le conditionnel, l’impératif, les partitifs, etc.
  • Continue to appreciate certain cultural and sociocultural aspects of France.

Credits Awarded    :    2

BIT 225 – Basics of Accounting


  • Introduction to Accounting
  • Different Forms of Company and Business Ownership
  • Basic Records Maintained by a Business Concern
  • Revenue Recognition and Measurement
  • Preparation of Accounting statements
  • Preparation of balance sheet
  • Bank reconciliation statements
  • Fixed Assets and Depreciation Accounting
  • Issues involved with mechanization of Accounting.

Credits Awarded    :    3

BIT 226 – Statistics


Students will be introduced to basics of data collection and analysis using statistical tools.

Topics include measures of central tendency and dispersion; types of data and data collection techniques; frequency distribution; the mean, median, mode and inter-quartiles; skewness and kurtosis ranges, mean and standard deviations; coefficient of variation, moments skewness kurtosis; correlation; linear regression; least square fit; linear and non-linear trends.

Credits Awarded    :    3

Latest BlueCrest College News

Seminar on Relationship between Discipline and Success

Department of Business Administration organised a seminar on “Relationship between Discipline and Success” on 28-03-2017 at BlueCrest Auditorium.  The resource person for the seminar was Mr. Akwasi Acquah, CEO of Community Hospitals Group, Accra.

Mr. Akwasi Acquah started

Preliminary Inter School Quiz Competition Organized at Aburi Presbytarian Senior High School

On Friday 17th March 2017, Mr. Richard Nartey, Training Manager of BlueCrest College along with Mr. Martin Baah, Recruitment Manager and a Team of twenty (20) members from the respective school clubs like IEEE, ITAG, Read to Lead and French Club visited Aburi Presbyterian Senior High S

BCC Train - Preliminary Inter School Quiz Competition Organized at OSU Salem SHS

On Friday 17th March 2017, BlueCrest Train team visited OSU Salem Senior High School, a suburb of Accra to organize the Preliminary stage of the BlueCrest quiz completion. Before the quiz started, our team used that opportunity to recall the histo

Upcoming Seminar on Robotics

BlueCrest College has always been a front runner in the implementation and knowledge transfer of latest technologies.  After the stupendous success of the recent Robotics seminar held on Friday, February 10, 2017, BlueCrest College is organizing a One (1) Day free workshop on April 01, 2017

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