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BIT321 – Structured System Analysis and Design

This course is to equip students to understand the concepts in the development phase of an analysis, methods and tools to use.
The topics include general systems theory and its application, fact finding methods, charting methods including business process modeling decision tables, forms design, output-input design and code design.  Review of backing storage devices and file design.
Other topics include overview of the information systems department, organization chart, functions of personnel in the IT department, introduction to the system life cycle and prototyping, logical and physical design, documentation and security of computer systems, system evaluation and maintenance.
Case studies of real existing systems would be studied.
Credits Awarded    :    3

BIT322 – Microprocessor

This course provides the student with a knowledge of 8085, 8086 & 8087 series or processor. It provides an insight into processor technology and their evolution.
Credits Awarded    :    3

BIT323 – Small Business Management & Entrepreneurship

This course is to equip students to understand the concepts of small business management. Principles and Practices of Management, management ethics and principles and entrepreneurship development.

Topics include Nature of Management, the management hierarchy (levels of management), management skills (technical, human, and conceptual). The Environment of Management: Internal and external. Management Functions: Planning and decision making, organizing (authority and responsibility, line and staff positions, span of management, departmentalization), directing (motivation, leadership, communication, etc), controlling.
Credits Awarded    :    3

BIT 324 – Introduction to Economics

This course provides the student with an introductory knowledge of French Language
Credits Awarded    :    3

BIT 325 – Computer Graphics

The study of Computer Graphics calls for an understanding of computer, display technologies and two-dimensional and three-dimensional geometry modelling.

Topics include introduction to computer graphics, image processing as picture analysis, development of hardware and software for computer graphics, Graphics hardware, raster display system with peripheral display processor, video controller, video mixing and random scan display processor, Raster Graphics Algorithm, Filling rectangles and Polygons, Clipping and Geometrical Transformations.

Credits Awarded    :    3

BIT326 – Numerical Methods and Computation

This course introduces students to mathematical problem solving using the computer.
Students are expected to use a programming language to solve numerical problems and analyse and estimate errors in numerical computations.

Topics to be covered include Computer arithmetic, number representation, error analysis and estimation; locating roots of equations; polynomial interpolation; numerical integration and differentiation; numerical solution of initial value problems for ordinary differential equations; solving systems of linear equations; data smoothing.
Credits Awarded    :    3

BIT327 – Computer Security

This course creates the awareness of the security threats facing corporations in today’s society and induces a’ plan-protection’ attitude. It enriches students’ and workers’ approach to handling these threats and responding appropriately when these threats occur.

Topics include: Trends in security incidents, types of Attacks and defences; virus threats, IP address spoofing, hackers, corporate employees, Access control Site security, authentication methods; reusable passwords, biometric , Network Management;  Managing IP, including IP subnet planning, DHCP, DNS, WINS, configuration for switches and routers, Host Security: turning off unnecessary services in windows, Host hardening, Installation and patching, server hardening techniques network mapping, remote network management with Telnet , IDS and IPS, Plan-Protect-response cycle,  Control principle; employee behaviour policies, best practices and recommended practices. Incident and disaster response cycle, Risk analysis; financially sensible protections, threat assessment, training users etc.
Credits Awarded    :    3

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