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BHR311 Human Resource Planning and Procurement

Human Resource Planning is a workbook that includes all the steps and exercises to develop and implement a Strategic People (HR) Plan based on the Systems. This course is an advanced study of Human Resource Planning and Development; it also analyzes various human resource organizational structures for project success. It appraises various theories of human motivation and applies these theories to develop effective project teams. This course also appraises the inherent risk in various kinds of contracts and examines the principles of effective contract creation and administration.

Credit Awarded : 3

BHR312 Industrial Relations

This course presents industrial relations within a theoretical framework that highlights the origin and development of labour movements and the legal underpinning and aspects of collective bargaining.  In addition, it provides practical skills and knowledge related to negotiation and interpretation of collective agreements.  Units covered include the framework of industrial relations, employee relations processes; historical perspective of Trade Unions in Ghana; collective bargaining process; scope of application of the Labour Act, 651; discipline administration and grievance handling.

The course further focuses on the legal relationships between people at the work place and the relationship between third parties.  The course aims to provide an understanding, application and interpretation of the various labour laws and their implications for industrial relations and labour issues.

Credit Awarded : 3

BHR313 Industrial Psychology

In this the outlines of a new science which is Introduce to Industrial Psychology and the problems of economics: the psychological experiment is systematically to be placed at the service of commerce and industry. The objective of subject is an introduction which is used to lead us to the actual economic life and the present achievements of experimental psychology. 

Credit Awarded : 3

BHR314 (E) Small Business Management and Entrepreneurship

This course is to equip students to understand the concepts of small business management. Principles and Practices of Management, management ethics and principles and entrepreneurship development.Topics include Nature of Management, the management hierarchy (levels of management), and management skills (technical, human, and conceptual). The Environment of Management: Internal and external. Management Functions: Planning and decision making, organizing (authority and responsibility, line and staff positions, span of management, departmentalization), directing (motivation, leadership, communication, etc), controlling.

Credit Awarded : 3

BHR315 Strategic Human Resource Management

The purpose of this course is to enable students to adopt a strategic approach in the management of human resources at all levels. Topics to be covered in this course include strategy: concept and process, strategic human resource management: concept and process, HR strategies, formulating and implementing HR strategies, improving business performance through HR strategies, improving business performance through HR strategies, Roles in strategic HRM, strategies for improving organizational effectiveness, resourcing strategy, learning and development strategy, strategies for managing performance, reward strategy and employee relations strategy.  The score card approach is also gaining its importance.

Credit Awarded : 3

BHR316 Labour Economics

This course covers several aspects concerning its operation, teaching a range of traditional and contemporary topics in labour economics.  The aim is to give students an up to date knowledge of labour economics. 

Credit Awarded : 3

Total Semester Credits : 15

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2nd International Students week and food fair organized to show cultural diversity at BlueCrest College Ghana on 23rd, 24th and 25th November 2016

International Students Week (ISW) was organized by BlueCrest College Ghana to showcase cultural diversity of 20+ nationalities of students.This year’s events also saw the inclusion of food festival from multiple African countries.

Dedicated Training and Development Officer at BlueCrest College to assist students in placements and internships

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Date : 31.01.2017

Accra, Ghana

BlueCrest College Ghana in association with IBM MEA Academy is organising an online certification training prog

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