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BHR411 Strategic Management

This course provides students with the knowledge and skills required for making strategic decisions in both profit and non-profit making organisations.

Credits Awarded : 3

BHR412 Employee Remuneration & Compensation Management

Compensation refers to all forms of financial returns; tangible services and benefits employee receive as a part of the employment relationship. The process of compensation is a complex network of sub-process, directed towards remunerating people for the services rendered and motivating them to attain a desired level of performance.

This course will help the student to be able to understand the different theories, legislation, schemes relating to the compensation management and recent changes in the compensation management.

Remuneration is the compensation that one receives in exchange for the work or services performed. Typically, this consists of monetary rewards, also referred to as wage or salary.

Credits Awarded : 3

BHR413 (E) Negotiations and Organizational Crisis Management

The objective of this course is to deal with conflict and resolve issues on continual basis. Negotiation is dedicated to improving the processes of reaching agreements. The course will also enable students to understand and manage crisis in organizations through the adoption of appropriate methods, systems and structures.

Credits Awarded : 3

BHR414 Company and Partnership Law

This course provides students with an understanding of the law relating to companies and Partnerships.  The course introduces students to the requirements for the formation of companies; registration; membership; shares; company meetings; Company secretarial practice, Roles of Directors, Company Secretaries, Auditors and Chief Executives. 
The course also introduces students to the fundamentals of partnership law.

Credits Awarded : 3

BHR415 Long Essay

This is a terminal course for all the degree programmes, in which students undertake an independent work in one's area of specialisation. Students write an independent piece of research project on a business related topic of their choice and present in the form of 8,000 – 10,000 words dissertation to complete the requirement for the degree. The topic must be approved for the study during the second semester at Level 300, but students must arrange with the Department at least three months in advance. Students submit the proposal of the research to the academic supervisor who must approve it before they commence. Final work is submitted by the students in the last semester of Level 400.

Credits Awarded : 6

Total Semester Credits : 15

Latest BlueCrest College News

Launch of An Online Students Evaluation of Courses System

The Quality Assurance Unit has launched an online system of conducting student’s evaluation of courses and lecturers.  This was implemented in SP 2016 academic session to address challenges of the existing mode and enhance the conduct of the student’s

2nd International Students week and food fair organized to show cultural diversity at BlueCrest College Ghana on 23rd, 24th and 25th November 2016

International Students Week (ISW) was organized by BlueCrest College Ghana to showcase cultural diversity of 20+ nationalities of students.This year’s events also saw the inclusion of food festival from multiple African countries.

Dedicated Training and Development Officer at BlueCrest College to assist students in placements and internships

BlueCrest College recently started its dedicated “Training and Development” office to assist students in getting placement and internship opportunities at various organization in Accra. Since its inception the department has been striving hard to liaise with various corporate

IBM Application Security Analyst training for BlueCrest College Ghana students and staff during December session break

Date : 31.01.2017

Accra, Ghana

BlueCrest College Ghana in association with IBM MEA Academy is organising an online certification training prog

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