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BBA111 Principles and Practices of Management

This course teaches students about the various concerns of management, and the multiple factors influencing the stability of management.

Credits Awarded : 3

BBA 112 Accounting I

The objective of this course is to introduce students to the basic concepts of financial accounting.

Credits Awarded : 3

BBA113 Elements of Economics

This course introduces students to price theory.  Its aim is to equip students with the fundamental concepts and analytical techniques in economics. 

Credits Awarded : 3 

GPD001 Information Technology Tools

This course introduces students to computers and computing and provides students with in-depth hands–on coverage of a current word processing programme. 

Credits Awarded : 3  

GPD002 Communication Skills (English) I

This course explores the theory and practice of written and oral communication in business.  Students learn strategies for effectively communicating in various business contexts. 

Credits Awarded : 2   

GPD003 Foreign Language  (French) I

This course is designed to aid students to acquire the competence of basic French. 

Credits Awarded : 2    

Total Semester Credits : 16

Latest BlueCrest College News

Launch of An Online Students Evaluation of Courses System

The Quality Assurance Unit has launched an online system of conducting student’s evaluation of courses and lecturers.  This was implemented in SP 2016 academic session to address challenges of the existing mode and enhance the conduct of the student’s

2nd International Students week and food fair organized to show cultural diversity at BlueCrest College Ghana on 23rd, 24th and 25th November 2016

International Students Week (ISW) was organized by BlueCrest College Ghana to showcase cultural diversity of 20+ nationalities of students.This year’s events also saw the inclusion of food festival from multiple African countries.

Dedicated Training and Development Officer at BlueCrest College to assist students in placements and internships

BlueCrest College recently started its dedicated “Training and Development” office to assist students in getting placement and internship opportunities at various organization in Accra. Since its inception the department has been striving hard to liaise with various corporate

IBM Application Security Analyst training for BlueCrest College Ghana students and staff during December session break

Date : 31.01.2017

Accra, Ghana

BlueCrest College Ghana in association with IBM MEA Academy is organising an online certification training prog

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