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Aims of the Program:

The disciplines of information systems and information technology are essential parts of business, non-profits, higher education and government organizations. Information systems are complex systems requiring both technical and organizational expertise for design, development and management. They affect not only operations, but also competitive strategy. Simply stated, the information systems discipline allows these organizations, through the deployment of technology and the management of information, to achieve the organization's stated mission, values and goals.

The programme seeks to address the deficiencies of conventional Higher Education (HE) with regard to the gap between technology and implementation particularly in ways that enable graduates to meet the needs of the ever-increasing technology-based learning environments and workplaces. Ghana needs not only ICT professional but also seasoned IS Managers who can apply tools and applications to meet innovative practices in businesses, industry, governance, and education. Graduates specializing in Information Systems, for instance, could collaborate with their counterparts in various organization, business, and industry to develop demand-driven Information strategy to use ICT effectively.

The BBA (Information Systems) provides student with an understanding of how large, medium and small-scale organisations can use information systems to support their strategic, tactical and operational activities. They will also learn how a modern enterprise operates and how information systems are keys to its success.

The programme therefore focuses on equipping students with 21st Century knowledge and skills to fully benefit from IS tools as modern professionals.

Specific Objectives:

The programme objectives include meeting students’ needs for practical experience in the use of Information Systems and various ICT applications across the curriculum and equipping students with 21st Century skills and knowledge to cope with the challenges posed by information-based society and workplaces. The objectives are to:

  • Provide “hands on” experience and skills with Information Systems.
  • Exploit the potential uses of ICT tools for strategic planning and reporting.
  • Produce graduates with la sound knowledge of business systems and its processes. 
  • Improve efficiency and effectiveness of the workplace operations and management.
  • Meet the challenges associated with modern technology use in governance of organization and society.
  • Use Internet and other Electronic Tools for effective communication and sharing of information.
  • Understand the global trend and advancement of ICT and how it is used for better management globally.
  • Understand the legal aspects surrounding the use of technology at wok-place and society.


  • Level 100 Semester 1
  • Level 100 Semester 2
  • Level 200 Semester 1
  • Level 200 Semester 2
  • Level 300 Semester 1
  • Level 300 Semester 2
  • Level 400 Semester 1
  • Level 400 Semester 2

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