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"La première impression est la meilleure impression» est un énoncé maintes fois entendu. Les éléments qui travaille vers la meilleure impression la première fois sont - une communication claire et confiante présentation de soi. Pour un participant frais aspirant à entrer dans la vie active de nouvelle génération, ces deux éléments deviennent donc essentielles pour créer cette première impression. Une bonne compréhension de la langue anglaise permet une communication claire. Comprendre les nuances les plus fines de situations permet à l'étudiant vers confiant la présentation de soi.

Ce programme met l'accent sur le développement de vos compétences en anglais pour des études supérieures et de travail et contribuera à améliorer l'écriture, le vocabulaire, la lecture et la compréhension de l'anglais. Après le programme, vous serez en mesure d'écrire et de parler avec plus de confiance en anglais. 


Certificat en Anglais Langue

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IEEE Xtreme Programming Challenge Organised by BlueCrest IEEE Student Branch

8th October 2016

Accra, Ghana

It is that time of the month when all things around you seem to be very hectic. Lots of routines and activities taking place and you gasp for more breath. This is the period where if anyone says you could succeed in something that seems impossible you wou

IEEE BlueCrest Student Branch went on educational trip to Akosombo Dam on 23rd September, 2016

Members of IEEE BlueCrest Student Branch embarked on an educational trip to Akosombo Dam, Ghana’s first hydroelectric dam. This trip was the result of the members’ eagerness to know more about the electricity generation in the country, the way the power grid works and the ways and mea

IEEE BlueCrest Student Branch Ramped Up technical Skills of fellow students on Monday 26th September 2016

The focus of this event was to equip participants with adequate practical knowledge about various technologies we use every day. Android, iOS and Windows were the areas selected for the day.

At 2 pm, the workshop commenced with a prayer from one of the student member. Stephen Darius B

Google to train a million young Africans in digital skills, BlueCrest Ghana students became their training beneficiaries

By 2020 there’ll be half a billion internet users in Africa, presenting an opportunity for African businesses and digital entrepreneurs. Youth unemployment across Africa is high - developing digital entrepreneurship and creating new job opportunities for young people is critical to Africa&r

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