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1999 was the golden year which witnessed the birth of a brand BlueCrest which resonates with Quality Education. BlueCrest College is one of the front runners in Information and Communication Technology Education and Training with the core objective of addressing the ICT needs of Ghana and beyond. BlueCrest College is a proud affiliate of University of Education, Winneba.

The College started with its main focus on quality ICT education in the beginning by establishing the Faculty of Technology with the Department of Information and Communication Technology. Due to the growing demand and the patronage from twenty one different African countries, BlueCrest College added more programs to cater to the unique needs of African continent. Currently BlueCrest College has three major Faculties namely Faculty of Information and Communication Technology, Faculty of Business Administration and Faculty of Fashion and Design.

BlueCrest College is accredited by National Accreditation Board of Ghana as a Private Tertiary Institution. BlueCrest College is increasingly popular among its clientele due to the diverse nature of quality programmes offered to students. The College has an innovative approach that incorporates multiple intelligence pedagogy to suit different learning styles. Students are imparted with strong theory and practical skills by its internationally reputed local & international faculty.


Our Campus

BlueCrest campus is strategically located with easy access from the heart of Accra, the Kwame Nkrumah Circle which is accessible within 5 minutes. BlueCrest campus has the latest infrastructure at its Accra campus, and has an attractive and inspiring facility with modern technological tools to assist multiple intelligence teaching pedagogy. Students have reading rooms, library, e-library, technology labs for practicing their ICT skills supported by its well-trained Lab Assistants. It has Media Labs that encompasses of Radio and TV Labs for its Mass communication and Journalism students which enhances their skills to match with global standards. It has well equipped Labs of garment construction & pattern design for its Fashion Design students. Fashion students are exposed to take the ramp on style, participate in Fashion shows to showcase their creations. Industrial Visit, Workshop, Internship, Seminar, Quiz competition and Conferences are regular activities organized by Students clubs for holistic development of the students.  

To incorporate in a self-sustainable approach, the use of new-age technology, learning processes, global alliances and an exemplary governance culture to enhance the delivery of value to student community, industry and other stakeholders.

To be a preferred center of excellence in education, talent development and innovation responsive to the individual, institutional and social development needs of the people of Republic of Ghana in particular and Africa in general.

The Registrar's Office

Mr. Sujith Jayaprakash currently handles the office as Registrar.

The primary functions of the Registrar are to serve in the matters dealing with students and student activities and their teaching and research activities and to assist the Rector in a wide variety of activities as per the strategic plan of the College.

The office works in oversight of student conduct and discipline, student support services and the academic programs in tandem with the Department Heads and three Faculties. The Registrar focuses on the academic environment as it relates to the internal and external planning and implementation. Offices under the Registrar include office of the  Admission & Registrations, General Administration and  Human Resource Management.

The office of the Registrar is supported by these Deputy & Assistant Registrars and Office Heads:

  1. Deputy Registrar - General Administration
  2. Assistant Registrar - Admissions
  3. Assistant Registrar - HR

Office of the Registrar is located in the Administration Block of the Accra Campus. He can also be contacted on



National Accreditation Board

The National Accreditation Board (NAB) is the governing body charged bay the Government of Ghana to award, review and facilitate the accreditation of Tertiary institutions in Ghana. It has accredited BlueCrest College to provide tertiary education.


Governing Council of BlueCrest College

The functions and responsibilities of the Council include the following:

  • Setting  policies for the general operations of the Institution, including, but not limited to, custody, obligation, and expenditure of funds;
  • Approval of  new programs and substantial changes in existing  programs;
  • Approval of major alterations of internal organization, capital facilities, and personnel policies;
  • Reviewing with the Headship the annual evaluation of Key Institutional and Department Heads;
  • Facilitate communication between the institution and the community;
  • Assisting in planning, implementing, and executing development projects aimed at supplementing institutional vision;
  • Perpetuating and strengthening alumni and community identification with the institution’s tradition and goals;
  • Selection of recipients of annual merit awards.
  • To meet twice a year and review progress of the board and institution. 

The Chairman and the respective administrations are responsible for executing the plans and programs of  BlueCrest College and administrating its various affairs.

The Academic Board chaired by the nominee of Chairman is delegated authority in instructional matters and through its committee system, consults with administration and Board of members on a broad spectrum of issues.

The Chairman

The Chairman has full authority and responsibility over the administration of all affairs and operations of  BlueCrest College.

Among the Chairman’s most notable function are consultations with the Rector and the Academic Board regarding the College educational and research policies, recommendation to the Board of members concerning the academic plans of the college.


The Rector

The Rector shall serve as Head of the Institution. The Rector shall serve as the support and immediate deputy to the Chairman with responsibility for the administration of affairs of BlueCrest College, particularly administrative and academic matters.


The Registrar

The primary functions of the Registrar are to serve in the matters dealing with students and student activities and their teaching and research activities and to assist the Rector in a wide variety of activities as per the strategic plan of the College.

The office works in oversight of student conduct and discipline, student support services and the academic programs in tandem with the Department heads and two faculties. The Registrar focuses on the academic environment as it relates to the internal and external planning and implementation. Offices under the Registrar include office of the Admissions & Registrations, General Administration, Human Resource Management and Office of the Assessment & Evaluation.


The Dean - Academic Affairs

The office of The Dean-Academic Affairs deals with all matters of students’ academic affairs with the coordination of Heads of all departments. These include (but are not limited to)student appraisals – internal assessments, re-sit examination, student’s grievances, and faculty issues.   


The Dean - Student Affairs& Collaboration

The office of The Dean- Student Affairs & Collaboration deals with all matters of students’  grievances, pastoral support, internship opportunities, clubs & societies, sports and placements. This office also deals with industry collaboration for College.


The Chief Finance Officer

The primary functions of the CFO are to serve in matters pertaining to the finances and commercial operations of College and to assist the Chairman in a wide variety of activities as per the strategic plan of the College.

The office works in oversight of the financial activities including planning budgets, investments, banking and consultancy) and also oversee the facilities management.


The Academic Board

BlueCrest College and its administration motivate extensive faculty participation in the educational administration of the college through the Academic board. The Academic Board is composed of all ranking faculty and administrative officers and function as the voice of faculty in the college.

The composition and function of the Academic Board are derived from its powers as set out by the Governing Council in BlueCrest College Rules & Regulations.


Function 1 – Advice on matters of an academic nature

  • Providing advice to the Council on the Institution’s annual Operational Plans and Functional Area Plans.
  • Providing advice to Council as required.


Function 2 – Establishing and maintaining academic standards

  • Developing and approving operational policies and procedures that define the College academic standards and guide its academic activity.
  • Providing quality assurance and enhancement of good practice In respect of the academic activities of the Institution.
  • Approving rules that enable the implementation of specific academic policies.
  • Reviewing academic operational policies and procedures.


Function 3 – Course approval and review

  • Approving new courses on academic grounds.
  • Recommending to Council the introduction of new courses.
  • Overseeing the quality of major course reviews undertaken by faculties.


Function 4 – Admission to the College and selection to courses.

  • Approving College admission requirements.
  • Approving course selection requirements.


Function 5 – Student discipline and academic appeals

  • Ensuring adequate procedures for and the effective operation of student academic discipline and appeals.


Function 6 – Academic engagement

  • Promoting debate on academic matters within the Academic Board.


Function 7 – Academic Board’s own affairs

  • Ensuring a culture of collegial cooperation and open discussion within the Academic Board and its committees.
  • Establishing procedures to meet the Academic Board’s own responsibilities, including its compliance obligations.
  • Establishing procedures for ensuring that all responsibilities assigned to the Board in the College’s Operational Plan are fulfilled.
  • Establishing clear delegations to the Chair of the Academic Board, to committees of the Board and otherwise as required.  

Library and Facilities

Member Image
Member Image

Prof. (Dr.) Sunil Kumar Roy


Prof. Sunil Kumar Roy, a Professor of Economics, has rich experience spanning nearly three decades in industry and academia. His success story as a marketer is evident in his career spanning over twenty years in which he served various Government and Private Organizations in various capacity from Sales officer to General Manager. His passion for bringing out the best in students by bridging the gap between classroom teaching and industry was eminent when he switched over from the lucrative industry to academia. He taught students of Doctorate and Master’s Program for 9 years and was consecutively awarded best faculty for two consecutive years. Matching his vast experience in Industry, he was given administrative responsibility in addition to his teaching and research assignment in private universities of repute in India. He has a proven track record as Dean, HOD, Head Corporate Resource Center, Head placements & Head Admissions. He is a prolific speaker with over ten national and internationals Guest lectures.  He is an avid researcher and has internationally refereed publications.

Sujith Jayaprakash


Mr. Sujith Jayaprakash has over a decade of administrative and academic experience in the education sectors in India, Africa and Latin America with significant experience in Senior Management roles, Student Recruitment, leading institutional academic delivery improvement and education quality development.

He is currently pursuing a Doctorate degree in Computer Science and specialized in Data mining algorithms. He started his Career as a Lecturer and moved towards administration. Since 2010, he has been handling various administrative roles such as Head of the Department, Sr. Manager and Registrar in the education sector and having a vast experience in managing the education business in Sub-Saharan African countries. 

He is a Certified Microsoft Web Application Developer and a Certified Microsoft Trainer. His passion towards technology has helped him in handling multiple IT based portfolios such as IT Infrastructure Manager, Digital Marketing Expert along with administration. He has published nine research papers in National and International research journals and conferences.

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