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Educational Philosophy

BlueCrest’s educational philosophy is based more than decade years of working directly with youth in the Africa. BlueCrest’s philosophy is informed by an open, democratic, and participatory model of leadership, one that is grounded in diversity and a deep sense of collaboration. BlueCrest programs promote the notion of a community of learners in which empowerment is never top-down, but occur in an environment where all participants take on the roles of teachers and learners. BlueCrest therefore considers inter-generational mentorship and collaboration as an especially meaningful context for youth development.

In each of its educational programs, BlueCrest strives to build a positive and inclusive environment that allows young Africans to develop leadership skills, foster strong friendships, and gain a deeper understanding of culture and identity. For BlueCrest, leaders are speakers, organizers, facilitators, and mentors, as well as writers, listeners, friends, artists, thinkers, historical and everyday actors. Leaders embody a sense of responsibility and service towards others. This quality is evident in the ways BlueCrest program participants consistently take on new leadership roles, working to share the tools and understandings developed through our programs.

At BlueCrest College we create critically aware, reflective, resilient, confident and independent learners for life. We have an established community which provides a safe, secure, welcoming and orderly environment. We believe deep learning is facilitated by outstanding teaching.  This occurs when all learners are actively engaged in a variety of differentiated and challenging learning tasks that are academically rigorous. We value the whole person, and are committed to creating positive, adaptable and socially aware citizens of the world. We encourage our students to develop responsibility for their own learning, progress and behaviour. We foster collaboration and cooperation with shared expectations for success.

BlueCrest College is committed to providing innovative teaching and learning strategies.  We are dedicated to establishing supportive and authentic relationships to ensure our students enjoy learning and achieve their full potential.

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Sujith Jayaprakash


Mr. Sujith Jayaprakash has over a decade of administrative and academic experience in the education sectors in India, Africa and Latin America with significant experience in Senior Management roles, Student Recruitment, leading institutional academic delivery improvement and education quality development.

He is currently pursuing a Doctorate degree in Computer Science and specialized in Data mining algorithms. He started his Career as a Lecturer and moved towards administration. Since 2010, he has been handling various administrative roles such as Head of the Department, Sr. Manager and Registrar in the education sector and having a vast experience in managing the education business in Sub-Saharan African countries. 

He is a Certified Microsoft Web Application Developer and a Certified Microsoft Trainer. His passion towards technology has helped him in handling multiple IT based portfolios such as IT Infrastructure Manager, Digital Marketing Expert along with administration. He has published nine research papers in National and International research journals and conferences.

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