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Career Skills Workshops organised for Final Year students to prepare them for the Corporate World


The Career Skills workshop was planned to educate and instill skills which are not part of their curriculum. Employers have said that graduates lack the skills and qualities they require. This workshop will give an opportunity for the students to learn under the tutelage of experts to scale the career ladder faster. The Career Skill Workshop spanned for four Saturdays in May starting from 7th May 2016. It started at 8:00 a.m and ended at 12:00 noon every week.  
The workshop included a mix of lectures, videos, group activity, discussion and presentations. A total of fifty seven students who are currently in Semester seven and Semester eight, attended the workshop with enthusiasm in spite of the lecture schedules and IA’s for a few of them.Week One started with Mr. Vijesh educating the students about “Basic Computer Literacy”. Students learnt about the basic architecture of the computers including the usage and application of various Input Output devices.  Mrs. Eva Esther Shalin Ruban was the next on board with the much needed Leadership skills to create the new Africa.
Students appreciated and learnt the value of Personal Branding skillfully presented by Mr. Sujith Jayaprakash. Students participated in group activity and presentation by selling a brand they created as a group.Week two started with Mr. Vivek Verma, taking the centre stage by teaching the students about Basic Corporate Etiquette. Students were amazed by the rules governing the Corporate world which is a totally different arena from where they belong now as students.
The SEE(Smiling Face, Eye to Eye and Excitement) Formula and KISS (Keep It Simple and Short) made the students jubilate in excitement. To be successful in the corporate world, every one needs to work in a team. No man can be an island. So next on the cards was Teamwork by Mrs.Eva Esther Shalin Ruban. They did team exercises which insisted on the importance of effective communication. The final session was work for the brain. Dr.Balamurugan enlightened them with problem solving techniques. He taught them numerical and logical reasoning which is a requirement for many students who will depend on the international job market. He guided them with a lot of websites to download free material and also mobile apps, which will help them to improve upon their logical and numerical reasoning. Week three started with the much awaited CV Writing. Dr.Balamurugan differentiated between CV Writing and Resume. He showed them different formats of CV’s and educated them on the same. Ms.Eunice Akorfa stormed in with effective communication.
She taught them the need for effective communication. She listed the barriers of communication and the way to overcome those barriers so that the communication process will achieve the desired result.  With all the learning and the issues surrounding each and every person’s lie, there is bound to be stress. So, is there a possibility of a person to lead a stress free life. Yes, says Kelly McGonighal in her Ted talk, how to make stress your friend. Mrs.Eva Esther Shalin Ruban taught the students how to live a stress free life. She told them that if a person is stressed then their behavior, mind, body and emotions will be affected. She educated them as to how one can avoid stress and the common factors which cause stress in men and women. Finally the students learnt that if one doesn’t feel stressed up, they will never be stressed. It is all in the mind.The final week started with the wonderful advice session about the Do’s and Don’ts of an interview by Mr.Vivek Verma. He educated the students from the point of view of the interviewer and interviewee.
The students understood the importance of an interview and how the way to answer the various questions with utmost sincerity. Next to take the stage was Mr.Daniel Adjei, the best choice for teaching Entrepreneurship and innovation since is an  entrepreneur himself. He taught them the importance of innovation and creating new business ideas which will push the individual to be a global winner. The final session was taught by Mrs.Eva Esther Shalin Ruban on Career Plan and Time Management. She taught the students, the ways and means to manage this divine resource efficiently to make sure that they do not regret later, since time once lost can never be regained. She also taught them about Personal Ethical Matrix and Career Plan highlighting the short, medium and long term career goals which should be SMART.
Students who attended were awarded Certificate of Participation. The students went with the contentment that they are better prepared and more confident in knowing what to expect for job applications, interviews and in the corporate world. This career skills workshop has moved them one step ahead of thousands of other students in the job market.

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