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IEEE BlueCrest Student Branch Ramped Up technical Skills of fellow students on Monday 26th September 2016


The focus of this event was to equip participants with adequate practical knowledge about various technologies we use every day. Android, iOS and Windows were the areas selected for the day.

At 2 pm, the workshop commenced with a prayer from one of the student member. Stephen Darius Bendah, Student Chair introduced the speakers, He encouraged the audience to pay attention and questions adequately to clarify their doubts. 

The first Speaker Eyram Amedzor spent two hours in hands on technicalities session in Android. He spoke about the emergence of Android, various versions from cupcake through to Lollipop, features and apps for android.  He also spoke on “Developer” feature in Android that gives the user the ability to modify some features on the phone. He spoke about “screen pinning” which allows user to pin only one application on the screen and prevents unauthorized access into the phone even if the home key button is pressed. He also cautioned against phone third party boosters, battery savers and antiviruses. He rather showed where all these could be done in the OS through the developer feature. He also spoke about android’s new way of tracking phone when it is misplaced. He also spoke about “rooting your phone” activity. This activity allows the user total control over his or her phone and could migrate to any platform of Android any time without worries concerning the manufacturer of the phone. 

Rexford Nyarko, the second speaker for the workshop demonstrated a lot of command line instructions to get things done easily. He spent about an hour talking and demonstrating techniques, features and skill in both the Linux and Windows Operating System Environments. He also had lots of questions from the audience. He spoke about security, sharing of Wi-Fi card, File Transfer Protocol and a lot more topics. 

Romeo Fredson, Secretary, IEEE BlueCrest Student Branch, gave the vote of thanks and encouraged all new members to register and join IEEE BlueCrest Student Chapter and the program ended at 4:30 p.m.

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