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IEEE Xtreme Programming Challenge Organised by BlueCrest IEEE Student Branch


8th October 2016

Accra, Ghana

It is that time of the month when all things around you seem to be very hectic. Lots of routines and activities taking place and you gasp for more breath. This is the period where if anyone says you could succeed in something that seems impossible you would doubt. Maiden event involving all IEEE student branches in Ghana was an exception. It blew the minds of people. 

Questions ready, auditorium decked up, codes set, bugs created, T-shirts – banners – tags – flyers, flying all around BlueCrest and the event eagerly awaited by IEEE members was ready to be unveiled. 

Ghana Technology University College arrived first followed by All Nations University College and Academic City College. Pentecost University College joined the other Universities. Ushers took them to the Registration Desk. The contestants were ushered to the Second Floor to the Office of the Student Branch Counsellor and Associate Dean to receive a short briefing about the event and also to collect the IEEE Xtreme paraphernalia. All the participating teams were accompanied by their Student Branch Counsellors and Supporters. The team prayed and set the ball rolling for the program.

The audience, guests and dignitaries were seated in the Auditorium. Mr.Madu Ibeneche started the program with an opening prayer. This was followed by introduction of Dignitaries by the Master of Ceremonies Mr.Samuel Sarpong and Ms.Jane Isa. The IEEE BlueCrest President Stephen Bendah Darius took the stage to introduce his team. 

Eze Geremi Matthew introduced the various Contestants from the four participating Institutions. He then ushered the participants to the computer lab at the second floor in the Academic Building. The computers in the lab were set in three categories for the contestants to show their might in Writing Codes, Debugging Codes and Multiple Choice Questions. The contestants were monitored by Rexford Nyarko, Geremi, Allahoundum with special surprise rounds by the Executive team accompanied by the Student Branch Counsellor. The expression in the faces of the contestants proved the tenacity of their preparedness for the much expected Xtreme Programming Challenge. 

While the contestants were busy writing and debugging codes, Romeo Fredson, secretary of IEEE BlueCrest Student Branch, gave a comprehensive road map about the event to the amazement of the enthralled audience. The next item was an awesome performance by Emma the Comedian. He trapped everyone in his hilarious and fascinating jokes with uncontrollable laughter all around the auditorium irrespective of the age group. 

Prince-Assafuah, Breakages fame, fascinated the audience in the level of his break movements in his body. Truly a splendid performance.  Eyram was incharge of the videos from to be displayed to the audience with all aspects of the benefits of being an IEEE member. Video feeds and pictures of the contestants from the Challenge room made the audience to have a feel of heat of the competition in the Lab. Incredible facial expressions and looks were all over the screen as audience gazed and smiled that they were not part. Truly Xtreme Programming!

After the first stage the contestants were taken to the second stage given of the challenge was taking place and that was the Flow-Chart. They were presented with a question on flow chat to solve. 

At 11:45am, everyone was seated for the final stage, stage three of the program. This was an ICT Quiz round. It had four rounds. For stage One, the quiz master was Romeo Fredson. Everyone would have thought the quiz stage was much easier. But it proved otherwise. Contestants were blown off their feet. It truly proved Xtreme !

MTP performed an awesome Rap number to cool the contestants and the audience. The scores for Stage one and two were announced by Student Branch Counsellor Ms.Eva Esther Shalin Ebenezer. At this point All Nations University College were the leading the Challenge. Stage two commenced with the second quiz master, Rexford Nyarko taking centre stage. He caught the contestants sweating inspite of the Air-conditioned auditorium.  Harmony entertained the audience with gentle soul stirring music using his violin. 

Christopher Aryee was the Quiz master for stage three. This was a picture round. The contestants had no choice than to acknowledge the extreme nature of the entire program. The final rapid fire round was conducted by Eyram Amedzor.

The audience and contestants were given a break. Ushers made sure that everybody was served lunch. The vice president of IEEE Ghana Section Mr. Isaac Kweku Boakye, encouraged the students and the participants with words of encouragement and advised all students to perceive the world and its challenges and overcome them with determination. He also congratulated the Student Branch, Branch Counsellor and Management of BlueCrest for the great work.

The Student Branch Counsellors and dignitaries present shared their thoughts to the audience regarding the programme. Mr. Michael Danso, Mr. Julian Bennet, Mr. Mintah from All Nations University College spoke first. Then it was turn for Mr. Eric Okai Saviour and Mr. Philip Mensah from Pentecost University College to share their thoughts. Mr. Mahendra Srinivas from Academic City College shared his views and finally Ing. Isaac Boakye, IEEE Ghana Section Vice Chair and Mr.Sujith Jayaprakash, Registrar of BlueCrest College shared their views.

All were eager to know the winners. The Student Branch Counselor, Ms.Eva Esther Shalin, announced the final scores to a thundering applause from the audience. All Nations University College were the winners and the runners-up were Ghana Telecom University College. Pentecost University College was third and Academic City College gained fourth. Certificates were awarded for attendance and participation. Gold and silver trophies were awarded for the first and second place winners. Various dignitaries from the Student branches took turns to award the certificates. The Student Branch Counsellors were awarded plaques to recognise their efforts.

A vote of Thanks was said by the Student Counselor of BlueCrest IEEE Student Branch and she applauded the organising team for working tirelessly day and night for over a week. She thanked all the Branch Counsellors for their overwhelming support and also thanked Ing. Isaaac Boakye and the Excom of Ghana Section for his support. Dennis Mensah – Torkornoo said a word of prayer for the success of the event. 

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