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Pre-Exam Stress Buster


BlueCrest College conducted a seminar on ‘Pre-Exam Stress Buster’ at Auditorium on 10-11-2017. Resource person, Dr. Hiteshini Jugessur is a renowned International faculty from Art of Living Foundation.


The introduction was given by Dr. E. Balamurugan, Dean of Academics and Evaluation. Dr. Hiteshini explained importance of relaxation, energy saving techniques and stress free life. She elaborately various causes and situations causing stress among students and how stress affects various systems of human body in an effective presentation. She demonstrated various techniques of breathing & simple exercises that can be practiced both in sitting and standing postures and trained all students to do the same practically.

She elaborately how each breathing exercise brings peace in mind, balance thoughts and help students to be attentive in studies and other daily living activities. She also highlighted how breathing exercises save energy in body and help people to be happy.


She concluded by giving some examples of living people who lived under multiple situations but achieved success in their lives without giving up their confidence and positive thoughts through practising these exercises.

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