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International Students Week 2017


In 1941, November 17 was declared International Students Day. The International Student’s Day is a celebration of multiculturalism, diversity and cooperation among students. Students in BlueCrest College participated in the third International Students week from 11th November 2015 to 18th November 2017. Students from twenty five different countries gathered together to display their country’s heritage with pride and joy.


The programme kicked off with a friendly Soccer Tournament among the twenty five countries. The Mighty Nigerians and the Friendly Ghanaians formed two separate teams. The other countries formed two groups based on the players. The Football Match was played at the ATTC Football Grounds with the benevolence of the Management of ATTC. Team C emerged Winners with the Nigerians being the second place. The first day’s programme was conducted at BlueCrest Auditorium from 2:00 p.m. to 7:00p.m on 15th November. Introduction of Country Ambassadors interlaced with powerpoint presentations about their country and to add spice, fun indoor games formed part of the first day’s event. Every year, International Students Week embarks on a new event to keep the fire burning. This year the Country Parade was added to spice up the event. On Thursday, BlueCrest Country Ambassadors supported by Management, Staff and students of BlueCrest College embarked on a Country Parade to display unity and strength among the participating nations. Skaters, Bicycle display, police support and African Drum beat formed part of the fun filled and much patronized activity. The students were given refreshment and then they participated in the fun filled outdoor games. To start the event the students participated in the Dart throwing, Hoolahoop and Lime and Spoon. But the icing on the cake was the Male Country ambassadors “Dress your partner”. The country ambassadors had to choose another male country ambassador and dress them like a lady and walk down the ramp. Amidst cheers and shouting, the Country Ambassador pair of Chad and Gabon emerged the winners, followed by Ghana and Guinea pair.


On Friday, the grand finale started at 12:00 noon and ended at 7:00p.m. The country ambassadors participated with their team with full zeal and enthusiasm. Food fair was the first to start. Mouth-watering dishes were displayed in an array of traditional African display. Live Band was entertaining the audience through enthralling music. The final event was the awesome and mind blowing high spirited Cultural display demonstrated with passion and led by the Country ambassadors and supported by their team.
Finally based on the scores on all four days, Nigeria was declared winners. Cape Verde with the scintillating performance came second and Niger and Gabon secured third position followed by Mali and Ghana was fifth.
The Niger country ambassador was awarded the best country ambassador and Cape Verde ambassador was adjudged the most promising new country ambassador.



ISW Collage Soccer Competition


ISW Collage Day 1 (Introduction)


ISW Collage Day 2 (International Country Parade)


ISW Collage Day 3 (Culturals)


ISW Collage Day 3 (Food Fair)

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