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Educational Talk at Police Training College, Tessano.


On a warm Tuesday morning, BlueCrest team set out to meet the guardians of our nation Ghana, the Police Department. A warm welcome was accorded by the Commanding Officer ACP Deborah Addison Campbell and Deputy Commanding Officer Supt.


Isaac Sorkpah to the BlueCrest team led by Registrar, Mr. Sujith Jayaprakash to share the importance of an Education for Life. The police personnel were engrossed in listening to the History of BlueCrest shared by Eva Esther Shalin, the Associate Dean of BlueCrest College. When Mr. Sujith Jayaprakash took the microphone, all ears were sharpened to receive the message regarding the courses offered at BlueCrest College.


They showed special interest to the IT and Fashion Design courses. The ACP thanked the team for offering certificate and free programs on specialized subjects. She encouraged all staff to take advantage and learn.

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