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A workshop on TV presentation was administered at BlueCrest College auditorium on 9 th of February. The facilitator Sreemoyi thapa dasgupta said that media industry today, is at its apotheosis and has turned out to be a juggernaut profession. She embarked on the journey by explaining the rudiments of TV presentation at length. She emphasized on aggressive attitude and Love for journalism as two essential requirements to be a good TV presenter in present era of journalism world that runs 24x7. She said with conviction that 3E’s –Excitement, Energy and Enthusiasm as Bible of the industry has been strongly underscored. Flamboyancy & enthusiasm considered to be the key to glue viewers on one hand, while excitement & positive energy on the other hand must be amalgamated by the TV presenter. The importance of enthralling viewers within 7 seconds of the show was illustrated upon.


The idea of charisma as an influencer in TV presentation was explained by the facilitator as ‘just being you’ with ‘no build ups’.An absence of neediness, or be like someone, or talk like someone or move like someone contributes towards one’s charisma. Though drop dead look isn’t a necessity, but smartness, alacrity and panache was enough to enthrall viewers to glue to the channel. Standing still and not rein in, no swags while talking, looking straight into the camera, holding the position/gesture even before the camera rolls in, no shifty eyes, being more chatty and natural, holding thoughts for seconds were explicated. What is ubiquitous about TV presentation was well defined by her as 55% body language, 38% tone of voice & 7% what you say “Voice” being an important tool box was an epiphany for the participants. Slowing down, and pausing to emphasize, speaking powerfully, voice warm up, were well emphasized and explained upon.


To talk with confidence was also highlighted by the facilitator at the end. Greeting anxiety, and brisk walks, pushes up and tongue twisters were key to lax tensed nerves. Being fastidious was considered to be an indispensible skill for TV presenters. Prolixity and duplicity, being a strict no-no for the professionals, while the importance to bowdlerize the content hours ahead of facing the camera was considered as the bottom line of effective presentation. Breathing exercises to control anxiety and nervousness was taught to the participants. Being sagacious at every point of life, and thus adherence to ethical standard was outlined as a necessary skill, though it might seem to be an anomaly in the industry. The participants were advised not to perceive the media industry as sinecure, as it had its own demands that had to addressed. Providence was inevitable while presenting, but the facilitator advised participants to consider each assignment as an opportunity in itself. Snippets from work lives of BBC presenters, was discussed with the participants. The facilitator called it a day with certificate distribution and refreshment.

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