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BlueCrest College Celebrates World Pi 'π' Day


Pi Day is an annual celebration of the mathematical constant π. Pi Day is observed on March 14 since 3, 1, and 4 are the first three significant digits of π. BlueCrest College, the leading Technology Education Provider engaged in an activity to encourage young minds battling with fear to approach their Mathematics Exams in the upcoming WEST AFRICAN SENIOR SCHOOL CERTIFICATE EXAMINATION (WASSCE). Many students show least interest in pursuing a higher education which has a single mathematics related course. If this scenario continues then the Nation might face a serious shortage in producing the needed human capacity in STEM based Professions like Doctors, Engineers, Statisticians and Economists which are most needed to develop the Nation Ghana.
In several developed countries this day is observed by eating pies, throwing pies and offering some special discounts on Pizza’s just to show the significance of Constant π. Initiations like these are observed to make the kids aware of the importance of mathematics and to create a curiosity among them in learning and applying these constants.

Bluecrest Pi Day

In Ghana we have witnessed Public and private organizations come forward with several initiations like National Quiz competitions, Workshops and many others. However, we still find our young generation moving away from the field of mathematics which underlies as a base of the movement of the whole universe. To motivate the young learners and to encourage the future mathematicians, Pie Day, Square root day or Mole Day in a grand manner will necessitate the required attention and escalate their curiosity. BlueCrest College a leading tertiary institution advocates this noble day to address those young minds to embrace mathematics which is the most essential foundation for any student. 
As part of efforts by BlueCrest College to remind the student’s populace of the significance of Mathematics and Physics, it organised a Maths and Science Quiz Competition for all SHS students in Accra. BlueCrest College in observing this year’s world Pi Day organized a free workshop on Robotic Engineering for students from Labone Snr. High school, Preset Pace Setters and St. Thomas Aquinas. An initiative which was braced with so much enthusiasm from the Heads of those institutions for their great work and the concern they have over their students.

BlueCrest College in partnership with Planetarium Ghana will continuously organize free workshop for the SHS students on Robotic Engineering and indulge stakeholders in adopting the most effective means of learning mathematics and Physics. 


Bluecrest Pi DayDr. Jacob Ashong, Director of the Ghana Planetarium Science Centre and founder of the Astronomical Society of Ghana, during the workshop, took time to engage the students in various Mathematical drills. He also emphasized the readiness of his Science Center to advance the course of science research and tools that will help make learning and teaching of mathematics stress free. Dr. Jacob Ashong also encouraged the students to visit the Planetarium Center and Science Facilities often to enhance their research in science and mathematics. Preparations have been outlined to welcome students’ visits to the Planetarium Center as many schools have expressed their interest to visit the facility in the coming weeks.
BlueCrest wishes everyone a happy Pi Day and encourages every school to take an hour to indulge the kids in understanding the importance of “Pi Day".

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