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BlueCrest College, Accra has joined the Planetarium Ghana to conduct Eratosthenes Experiment to calculate the circumference of the Earth. The Eratosthenes Experiment 2018 is organized on March 21, 2018 each year with support from the European Commission in the context of the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7).


Students of the College (mainly Faculty of Technology), along with faculty members and Dean of Faculty of Technology visited the Planetarium and participated in the experiment calculating the circumference of the Earth. BlueCrest is one among three schools in Ghana celebrating the Day 21st of
March 2018. The Director of the Ghana Planetarium Science Centre and founder of the Astronomical Society of Ghana, Dr Jacob Ashong briefing the students about Eratosthenes Experiment stated that Eratosthenes was a talented mathematician and geographer as well as an astronomer who made several other important contributions to science.


“Eratosthenes devised a system of latitude and longitude, and a calendar that included leap years. He also compiled a star catalog that included 675 stars. His measurement of the circumference of the Earth was highly respected in his day, and set the standard for many years thereafter. He may have also measured the distances from Earth to both the Moon and to the Sun, but the historical accounts of both deeds are, unfortunately, rather cryptic.


“A crater on Earths Moon is named after Eratosthenes and the celebration is meant to promote knowledge of the planetarium to the public - what they are and why they exist and also to promote international exchanges and collaborations between planetariums of different countries, he noted.
On her part, Mrs Jane Ashong took the students through the experimentation of calculating the circumference of the Earth.
The students were later shown a movie on the topic “Journey to the STAR” which tells about the importance of the sun, the stars and their origins.

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