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Business Students Association (BUSA) WEEK


The executive members of BUSA headed by the President Mr.Derrick Nii Kpakpo Addo, spearheaded a two day extravaganza for the School of Business. The event was spread into five parts. The first one was an appearance on the Breakfast show on the Nation’s premier television, GTV. Mr. Derrick Addo accompanied by Assoc. Prof. Eva Esther Shalin represented the Business Students on the program. The program was aired live on 9th May 2018.


The second part was the Discussion Forum on the theme “Empowering African Youth towards Entrepreneurship”. The Chairperson for the event was Mr. Sujith Jayaprakash. He applauded the BUSA leadership for an innovative and mind blowing program. Welcome Address was given by the Associate Dean of the Business School, Assoc. Prof. Eva Esther Shalin. She introduced the organisers of the event, BUSA Executives and applauded their effort for an impressive event organized in less than a week’s time. The executives were organized and very orderly while planning and executing this event. Rebecca Appiah Kubi, Hawa Keita, Gertrude Finoude, She also congratulated all the students and staff of the Business School for portraying the Executive culture of the Business Students with a befitting dress code for the event.


Mr. Derrick Addo, President of the Business Students Association, accompanied by his able and efficient executives, welcomed the Speakers of the event. Mr. Giani Mathey Apossan, a Togolese Serial Entrepreneur and Coach, was the first to mount the podium and he was warmly appreciated by the enthusiastic students when he asked them to Chant “I am Extraordinary”. He explained his successful journey of multiple businesses spread in more than two countries and the students learnt a lot from his personal journey. Next to share her rich life experience was Ms. Golda Addo, a turnaround strategist and a development communications was appreciated as the MC’s Mercy and Saviour introduced the only female speaker to be the best speaker of the day. Madam Golda Addo, in her unique charismatic voice encouraged the students to appreciate who they were and to understand their values. The man who came like a whirlwind to steal the show was Mr. John Armah, CEO of Orios Group. He explained that passion without action and resources will amount to nothing. He also explained that an entrepreneur must take risk and it does not assure success all the time.


He also explained that ninety percent of the entrepreneurs fail in their business ventures, but those who keep at it, eventually will be very successful. Amidst thunderous applause, he shared his personal life story of his first major achievement of buying his own BMW at the age of eighteen. He also explained that at times, his parents bailed him out of difficult financial situations in business, but he pressed on. Today his well-wishers and friends are supporting him to embrace his vision further. The final speaker for the day was the UMB CEO Mr. John Awuah, who had travelled and hence was represented by his Deputy Manager. He encouraged the students to save coins and said that no amount of money is small. He explained it with a real life story and encouraged the students to Dream Big. The Vice President Rebecca Appiah Kubi rendered the vote of thanks and the meeting came to a close with a word of prayer and networking. Best dressed male student and best dressed female student were awarded amidst stiff competition.


The next day was movie night with Hot Popcorn and Drink to every student present. Students thronged the red carpet to take pictures amidst loud music encouraging the students to shake their bodies to the tune and enjoy the evening. They watched “Jumanji” with students from Fashion, IT and Masscom accompanying the Business Students. The program ended at 10:00 p,m and students had a great sense of accomplishment and satisfaction after the maiden business students association week came to a grinding halt. Students opined that they learnt a lot during this maiden event and were looking forward to greater things in the future. Daily Graphic covered the event along with angel TV, TV3 and other premier media covering this much popular event.

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