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The Department of Mass Communication and Journalism of BlueCrest College, Accra, Ghana last
Saturday, August 4, 2018, held a Journalism Workshop for prospective Mass Communication and
Journalism practitioners.
The event was based on News Casting and short movie production.
Addressing the events, the Head of Department for Mass Communication and Journalism, Mr Kofi
Dzokoto told the participants to choose BlueCrest College as their destination for Mass Communication
and Journalism training, given the fact that the Department does not only boast of good facilities but
also of quality and competent lecturers some of whom are from Industry.
The Programme Coordinator, Madam Sreemoyee Thapa Dasgupta took the students through News
Casting, where the Students were provided with Scripts to read on Camera.
Thereafter, she encouraged the readers and the participants in general to nurture with confidence their
passion of becoming News Casters.
On the short movie production, the participants were divided into two groups with each group coming
up with a topic for a short movie production.
One group was led by Mr. Melvin Jones (from GBC) and the other group was led by Bethel....
The Melvin Jones group went out to take short videos where he taught them how to edit the videos.
The Bethel group did a short sketch at the Radio Laboratory and was also taught to edit.

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