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Staff Training organized by School of Business


BlueCrest School of Business organized the maiden staff training on Friday 27th July 2018. The training saw a record attendance of participants from the School of Business, Department of Masscom and Journalism, Faculty of Information Technology and School of Fashion and Design. Members in attendance were from Management, Full time and part time lecturers, and Administrators. Facilitators were culled from the Ashesi Collaborative group. This training was birthed out of the Ashesi Collaborative Initiative which trained facilitators and leaders in inclusive classrooms, who were from sixteen different organisations from seven different nations.
Participants were entreated to English breakfast before the training started at BlueCrest College. They were all given BlueCrest Business School paraphernalia. Mr. Richard Nartey, the M.C of the day invited Mr. Alfred Semeko to say a word of prayer. He invited Mr.Kwasi Owusu Antwi of Methodist University and Mr. Richard Fosu of Accra Technical University to conduct speed dating. Participants were paired in two’s for Speed Dating. Participants took a minute to learn about their paired members and kept moving to the next person. When the stipulated time of fifteen minutes was exhausted, they were asked to form a circle and a few of them shared what they learned about other participants. Many of them said this was a very innovative exercise which made them come together as a family and understand a few things which they did not know about them. Many part-time lecturers felt part of the BlueCrest family and they expressed happiness in being involved in the staff training.
Next on the Floor was Dr. Heather Beem from Ashesi. She involved the participants and expatiated on “Effective teaching and Learning using limited resources”. Participants shared their various challenges and solutions were solicited. Each member was preview to a lot of online resources which could further help them to teach effectively with the available resources.
Godwin Fiagbor of Edify Ghana explained with some interesting and informative real-time examples from Edify which portrayed that with little resources much can be achieved. He cited examples of children from rural areas who were given an electronic gadget with valuable educational material were able to write books which are currently on sale in He explained to the excitement of the audience regarding the tiny edify server which is host to loads of information downloaded from Khan Academy and the rest to be used offline through a wifi connection to the server. He even encouraged the participants to go online and check the youtube video which demonstrates the process to build a server.
The audience was allowed to interact with the facilitators and they engaged them in solutions which were gathered by the experiences among the participants who were from diverse backgrounds. Before the lunch break, a group activity to learn about the importance of communication and another to learn about teamwork were conducted. Participants shared their experience and what they learned through the activity. Participants enjoyed Buffet Lunch.

The afternoon session started with exercise time and some cha cha moves with Mr.Edmund Akpor Mensah leading the team. The first session was by Mr. Gracious Ampofo of Savannah International Academy which was titled “How to make Learning relatable” and the next session was by Mr.Augustine Danso of NIIT which was titled, “Using Social Media for learning”. Feedback Forum was conducted by Mr.Sujith Jayaprakash and the audience shared a lot of ideas, limitations, and way forward. Finally the Associate Dean of the Business School, Assoc.Prof.Eva Esther Shalin shared her thoughts and plans for BlueCrest School of Business and requested everyone present there to support the Business School to move forward in leaps and bounds. She shared the vote of thanks and extended a sincere note of appreciation to all the facilitators and participants for their valuable presence, impressive participation, and quality feedback. The training ended with a group photograph and networking.

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