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The BlueCrest College has launched its Alumni Association with its first alumni meeting scheduled on 28th June, 2014.

The formation of this Alumni Association is to foster a spirit of loyalty and to promote the general welfare of the BlueCrest College. It is to support the college’s goals and to strengthen the ties between alumni, the community and the college.

The BlueCrest College therefore, kindly invites all its alumnus to register to join the association. Alumnus can register at the college’s website or at various campuses across the country.


Some of the benefits for registering as member are:

Search for friends and course mates at the alumni directory including emails and telephone contacts.

Benefits from Alumni annual meetings and dinner dance.

Alumnus can also make new friends from the members spread worldwide.

Alumnus benefits with circulation of college newsletter (Optimus Maximus) quarterly updating them on alumni activities.


Please Click "Alumni Relations" to register yourself ------------------------------------------------->

It’s a wonderful experience to be a member of the BlueCrest College Alumni Association.

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