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BBF421 Taxation II

This course builds on BBF414 Taxation I and extends the measurement of taxable income to corporate entities. A thorough understanding of BBF414 is therefore requisite. This course introduces issues related to the taxation of distributions and benefits to principal members of companies. Throughout the course tax planning and management will be emphasized, including tax incentives legislation.

Credits Awarded : 3

BBF422 E-Banking

This course introduces students to E-banking concepts, innovations, and implementations.  Its aim is to enable students acquire skills and knowledge in electronic and internet banking systems and operations of electronic fund transfers, electronic finance and banking across borders, dynamic forms of international financial integration and contribution of electronic financial globalisation. 

Credits Awarded : 3

BBF423 Compliance and Ethics

The compliance and ethics training course is, in essence, a "Code of Conduct Training" course for banking & financial institutions. It covers the same legal/ethical/compliance principles, but without reference to a Code.

Credits Awarded : 3

BBF424 Investment Fundamentals

This course provides a broad overview of investment banking and of the forces that are continuing to change it worldwide.

Credits Awarded : 3

BBF425 International Trade Finance

This course provides an overview of essential skills for managing financial transactions in an international banking trade.

Credits Awarded : 3

BBF426 Micro-Finance and Rural Banking

This course provides students with an awareness of the importance of the rural economy in Ghana and the need to provide a broad range of financial services to low income households and businesses (e.g. farming, cottage industries, rural and community projects).

Credits Awarded : 3

BBF427 Project Report

This course provides opportunity to students to undertake an independent study based on a previously approved proposal under a faculty member’s supervision and to write a report of on an approved topic.  The Departmental Academic Board should approve the topic.  Emphasis is placed on originality and accurate reporting of information.  In addition, students would be required to fill in the Project Proposal/Synopsis and the Project Progress Log.  These forms should be attached to the research project in a permanent manner in order for the research project to be considered as receivable.  However, there would be flexibility at the Departmental level as to which parts of the Project Proposal/Synopsis should be filled in.

Credits Awarded : 2

Total Semester Credits : 20 

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Department of Business Administration conducted seminar on How to attain sustainable development goals on 22-09-2017 at BlueCrest Auditorium.

Department of Business Administration organized a seminar on “How to attain sustainable development goals” on 22-09-2017 at BlueCrest Auditorium.  Dr. Comfort Asare, National Director at Department of Gender, Ministry of Gender, Children and Social protection was the Guest Speake

Free Workshop Series

BlueCrest College offers free seminars, workshops to the general public on various key topics. This year, fours such free sessions on diverse subjects were offered to the delight of the public. Four free seminar sessions were offered in two weeks. 

IBM Big Data

IBM Big Data Developer BootCamp, July Session successfully ended on 3rd July 2017 with over 65% of the students clearing the IBM Data Scientist Mastery Exams. The students underwent rigorous learning for over a month. IBM Big Data Instructors Mr.Mark Atta Mensah and M

Strategic Management Workshop

Strategic Management Workshop was conducted for four days workshop which focused on Leadership and Strategic Alignment from 16th to 19th February, 2017 at BlueCrest College, Ghana.. Resource person was Prof. Prem Shamdasani, Academic Director, APEX MBA English Program

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