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With economies going global, Information Technology has started playing a major role in integrating diverse globalization needs resulting in an emergence of multiple specific domains of Software Development, Networking Technologies, Database and Information Systems Security creating a requirement for certified professional graduates in each domain of expertise. This rapid expansion has not only created a fairly serious shortage on degree holders skilled in these new technologies, it has also driven the salaries of such skilled graduates upwards – a trend seen across the globe.



The main aim of the programme is to produce graduates who will be resourceful in ensuring academic excellence and professional competence in the field of digital technology in Ghana and abroad. The objectives are to produce graduates who will:

  • Build a strong knowledge, principles and skills in information technology.
  • Develop analytical and critical thinking skills to solve problems by applying knowledge, principles and skills in information technology.
  • Understand the concept of analyzing, designing, implementing and managing information technology solutions and resources.
  • Develop skills in databases, networking and programming that will help graduates to take up related jobs and self-employment in Ghana and global market.
  • Develop entrepreneurial skill.
  • Build communication, team, leadership and interpersonal skills, and be aware of the social, ethical and legal responsibilities.

Today a variety of opportunities are available in the IT industry depending on student's skill and interest. The first step to a successful IT career is deciding which stream of technical career a student would like to pursue.

The Bachelor of Science in Information Technology is designed to provide students a unique opportunity of academic and professional knowledge.

This programme is designed to produce graduates with a strong knowledge base on various components of IT domains which are relevant to the current and future  industry trends.


  • All courses are aligned as per latest technology
  • Industry relevant curriculum
  • Mapped to internationally recognised vendor and vendor neutral certification
  • Access to world class e-learning resources in partnership with Microsoft and IEEE.
  • Opportunity to convert technology into business solution with BlueCrest's own incubation centre, BlueHub.



On completion of the programme graduates should be able to:

  • Analyse and define technology in the appropriate context and to differentiate what is strictly technical, social, and political.
  • Help or offer specialised knowledge regarding selection and evaluation of the appropriate technology to their clients.
  • Demonstrate understanding of current issues and trends of ICT to today’s global work market.
  • Not only plan, implement and evaluate ICT issues in the world market but also ensure that these skills are sound and fit for purpose.


Graduates from this programme shall be able to work as:

  • System Administrator
  • Web Designer
  • Systems Engineer
  • Roaming Assistant
  • ICT Instructor
  • ATM Engineer
  • Software Developer
  • Web Content Developers
  • ICT Consultants
  • Data Control Supervisor
  • Electronic Surveillance Operator
  • Graphic & Video Editor
  • IS / Bank Examiner
  • ISP Technician
  • IT Manager
  • Systems Support Officer
  • Web Master
  • Network Administrator
  • Computer Management Assistant
  • Database Administrator

The programme attracts student who are already working in industry and want to earn a degree in ICT but cannot afford to quit their jobs to undergo a fulltime programme. Another target group for this programme is the Senior High School graduate who wants to earn a degree in ICT but does not want to undergo a rigorous curriculum in Computer Science which involves a lot of Mathematics. It will also benefit professionals in the field who want to upgrade their skills to meet the challenges of the global world and to fit in the ever-changing field of Information and Communications Technology. It attracts Professional Diploma holders of NIIT or other recognized institution to upgrade their diploma with an ICT degree of repute, without looking for other universities locally or abroad.


BScIT is an industry owned degree programme. The programme equips student with skills that are relevant to the Information and Communications Technology industry. It combines state-of-art research from academia and best practices in industry so that the student shall be ready for the job market. Student with the IT Degree at BlueCrest will not only not be able to practice their skills for themelf but also will help in making and implementing Information and Communications Technology (ICT) policies as well as managing the ICT infrastructure.


  • Level 100 Semester 1
  • Level 100 Semester 2
  • Level 200 Semester 1
  • Level 200 Semester 2
  • Level 300 Semester 1
  • Level 300 Semester 2
  • Level 400 Semester 1
  • Level 400 Semester 2

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