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This is a career-driven course for the practically related enthusiasts, is mean to grant students direct entry into the skill sector with hands-on practical experience.

This course is designed keeping in mind the current industry trends and skills required to become a successful data scientist.

This course is a ready market course, it’s approachable is based on relevant real-world examples, and prompts learners to think critically about how to apply these new understandings to their own work in a professional’s environment

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Module 1: Python for Data Scientist

Python is the most important and necessary topic that every data scientist should have knowledge about. In this section, our instructors will take you through the basics of Python and areas where it can be used. You will learn how to use some of the current tools such as Numpy, Pandas, and Matplotlib.

  • Environment set-up

  • Jupyter overview

  • Python Numpy

  • Python Pandas

  • Python Matplotlib

Module 2: R

R is used for statistical and data analysis; R programming language is one of the advanced statistical languages used in data science. This module teaches you how to explore data sets using R. Here you will learn –

  • An introduction to R

  • Data structures in R

  • Data visualization with R

  • Data analysis with R

Module 3: Supervised machine learning

This is a comprehensive module to help you understand how to make machines or computers interpret human language. You will learn –

• Supervised machine learning

  • Python Scikit tool
  • Neural networks
  • Support vector machine
  • Logistic and linear regression
  • Decision tee classifier

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