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Python is used in thousands of applications around the world, by some of the most recognizable companies. Python is used for various types of applications, including;
  • Web Development
  • Scientific Computing
  • Education
  • Desktop GUIs
  • Software Development
  • Business Applications

Needless to say, Python is one of the most sought programming skills on the market.

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This Python course starts with the basics and by the end, you will be mastering advanced level Python concepts. Some of the topics include;

Python Programming Fundamentals

  • Python Syntax (How to write Python Code)

  • Use the Command Prompt to Write Python

  • Understanding Whitespace in Python Code

  • Python Variables

  • Python Data Types

  • Python Operators

  • Execute Python Code in the Python Shell and Write Re-Useable Code in the Python IDLE

  • Python Logical Statements (If...Else)

  • Python Loops (While, For Loops)


Python Intermediate/Advanced Topics
  • Python Lists, Dictionaries, Tuples and Sets (Collection Objects)

  • Gather Input from Users

  • Python Functions

  • Python Modules

  • Python Classes (Object-Oriented Programming)

  • Create Custom Python Classes

  • Handling Files with Python

  • Error Handling

Throughout the course, you will find quizzes to gauge your understanding of the material and build your confidence. The lectures will walk you step by step through mastering key Python concepts, while each section will build upon the knowledge you gain from the previous section. Additional resources, including PDFs, completed Python files and web resources will provide you will additional information. All course material, including the video lectures, will be available so you can learn offline.


After you have mastered key Python programming concepts, you will find projects to challenge your understanding. Each project will give you an opportunity to put what you have learned to practice by creating games and interacting with business data using Python.

  • Create a Magic 8 Ball Game

  • Read and Write .CSV files

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