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Alumni Testimonials

Mr. John William
Bluecrest College

Bluecrest Alumni

Mr. Nicholas Kwesi Tettey
Bluecrest College

Bluecrest Alumni

Mr. Daniel Quarshie
Bluecrest College

Bluecrest Alumni

Alumni Testimonials


Graduating Year: 2016

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology at BlueCrest College

Current Position: Information System Manager at BlueCrest College

Previous Jobs: Information Technology Technician at NIIT Ghana| 2013 March - 2013 Sept| System Analyst at Chris Electrical Engineering Works| 2012 Aug – 2013 Feb|


I discovered BlueCrest University College through my brother who had completed NIIT. Based on his recommendation, I was eager to give the school a try and enrolled with the institution.

During my first year, I fell in love with the university college and their way of teaching. My main focus was on acquiring IT skills which would help me in future as I had already set my objectives and goals. BlueCrest helped me in attaining this as I was able to get both theoretical and practical skills needed to succeed in this field. Till date, I would say my decision to study with BlueCrest University College has been one of the best decisions I have made.

While I was studying at BlueCrest, I was given the opportunity to do some internships which gave me the field experience I need to excel. After completing my 4-year degree program in Information Technology, the university college saw the potential in me and employed me as the Information System Manager. The skills I learnt from BlueCrest have made me standout in my field and I thank BlueCrest for such an experience. I will always be grateful.


Graduating Year: 2018

Diploma in Fashion and Design at BlueCrest College

Current Position: Managing Director at Maalo GH Designs


I first discovered BlueCrest through their social media advert. As time went on, I heard a lot of positive things about the institution. This made me feel good about the college, and I was even more impressed when I enrolled with them. Their facilities and practical learning are top notch and I benefited massively from the college. I learnt so many things about Fashion and Design which makes me very proud to be an alumna. My time at BlueCrest is considered as one of the periods in my life I cherish very much.

Currently, I run my own fashion house called MAALO Fashion House. My studies here have equipped me with skills that I utilize to make my clients happy. I will always be indebted for the opportunity BlueCrest gave me and the help I’ve received to make me who I am today. Thank you, BlueCrest for everything.


Graduating Year: 2018

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology at BlueCrest College

Current Position: Freelancer with Specialist in Network Engineering, Graphic Designing & Frontend Development.

Previous position: Network Engineer at Solutions Technologies Ltd.


I discovered BlueCrest College through NIIT, when I was honored to attend one of their programs. My career goal was to become a Network Security Engineer and eventually start a business in tech and that programme influenced my decision to study at BlueCrest; I discovered how versatile their IT course modules were designed and properly equipped facilities to ensure quality education.

I had a great experience at BlueCrest with amazing students of diverse cultures. I was awarded a 75 % scholarship in my final year for my academic excellence, elected SRC President for the 2018/2019 academic year, First Class Bachelor of Science in Information Technology with a stellar academic performance and the valedictorian for my graduating class of 2020 with GPA of (3.83)

My humble advice to others in this field of study; “make a proactive effort in taking Internships seriously, it gives a valuable avenue for gaining on-field experience and advancing yourself further beyond what you learn in class.” Fortunately BlueCrest College provides the right firms and organizations which give you the necessary skills and exposure of your field of interest. Technical knowledge is also best complemented with good soft skills and great work ethics, so pay attention to these things as well and participate in some extracurricular activities while in school.

Computer Networking, my favorite class equipped me with the necessary fundamental knowledge that has been crucial in my career, and has also made me versatile in other disciplines of IT.

A very remarkable lecturer, Mr. Isaac O. Adofo’s use of real-world challenging scenarios prepared us adequately. His classes in our subsequent semesters were a proper build-up of what we learnt in previous semesters. I still remember and use a lot of what I acquired in his classes. The challenging environment of BlueCrest equipped me with great work ethics and soft skills for my career advancement.

I have proven competence in implementing complex technology solutions, ensuring proper standards, adapting quickly and thinking fast on my feet. My graphic design skills also give me an edge in ensuring proper communication using appealing mediums.



Graduating Year: 2020

BA Mass Communication and Journalism at BlueCrest College

Major: Public Relations and Advertising

Current Position: Radio News Producer at


I discovered BlueCrest College through a friend who was already enrolled and highly recommended the school for me. My career goal was to become a Public Relations and Advertising expert but BlueCrest offered more than I was looking forward to since my course was embedded in Mass Communication and Journalism. I was skeptical about adding Journalism but after a few days in class, I realized how versatile their Mass Communication and Journalism modules were designed and properly equipped facilities to ensure that you are fully prepared for every sector in the communication and journalism industry that includes; writing, reporting, effective communication, organizational management, broadcasting etc.

I had a great experience at BlueCrest with amazing students of diverse cultures. I was awarded a 75 % scholarship in my third year and that was a relief for my parents since my parents were financially down during that period.
I graduated with a first class in BA Mass Communication and Journalism with a GPA of 3.83 and a valedictorian for the class of 2020.

My plea to others who want to embark on an educational journey in BlueCrest College is to be punctual in class, take assignments and engage in class discussions for the lecturers are ready to explain everything to your understanding.
One thing that cannot be overlooked is the internship opportunities the school offers. It allows you to have field experience and build a strong network with people in your field of study who will guide you professionally. I personally benefited hugely from these internship opportunities as I had the opportunity to work for STRATCOMM Africa where I gained advertising, marketing and public relations skill.

I found myself at Joy News and got a journalistic experience just to mention a few. A good Communication skill gels well with a decent good appearance, a ready to learn zeal and respect to all lecturers whether they are in your department or not. Public Relation is the class I enjoyed most. It equipped me with how to relate to people, solve crisis and project myself or any institution I find myself in positively.

Mrs. Eunice Akorfa, my Public Relations lecturer used series of presentations, assignments and real life organizational crises to give us in-depth knowledge on how organizations run and the importance of maintaining good relations with both the internal and external public. I still employ the knowledge I acquired from her in my life and my workplace.

BlueCrest made an enormous impact on me by instilling great work ethics and soft skills for my career advancement.

I have proven competence in writing scripts, public speaking, broadcast, reporting and advertising. I am grateful for the journey because it did not only prepare me for my career path but groomed me to multi-task when it comes to other areas that go hand in hand with my tasks.


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