Presidential Scholarships
at Bluecrest

BlueCrest Ghana selects presidential scholarship students using the information obtained from the partners and collaborators of the college. These scholars have already started their journey of making an impact in the region and are achievers in their endeavors. Please see the details of our 2019 presidential scholars


Priscilla Pauline Tettegah

- Presidential Scholar

Hi, My name is Priscilla Pauline Tettegah, a presidential scholarship award winner 2018/2019 academic year. I am a budding software and UI/UX Designer in a making. I am so passionate about technology and always want the opportunity to pursue a career in technology. Words can't express my gratitude to Blue Crest College Ghana for giving me this great opportunity (100% free scholarship) to study BSc. Information Technology. I deem it a great privilege to be honored and I will do my best to achieve success in all disciplines.

My experience at Blue Crest College has been nothing but amazing to me. I have learned and experience many things within a short period of time. Right from class, insightful workshops, programs, hackathons to conferences. Blue Crest College is a welcoming place to be and right from the first day at school I felt at home. The school being ranked as on of the best School of Business, Technology and Fashion has a great facilities for learning leading students from different countries with different background to chose this school. Lecturers are always ready and available to help students.

At Blue Crest College not only are students equipped with theories but are engaged in the practical aspects as well. My web technology class, Data Structures and algorithms class just to mention few are typical example. And I enjoy each of the classes. Even though last semester all classes were organised online due the spread pandemic, our online classes were very interactive and help. Learning materials were made available to each students. The depth and details of what we are learning is beyond my high school experience.

Talking of extra curriculum activities, I am part of Blue Crest ambassador committee. Through this committee we are able to visit other schools to participate in workshops, hackathons, competition and also to share our knowledge and skills. Over the past few semesters I have never regretted being a student at Blue Crest College. I look forward to more opportunities ahead.


Maryam Faisal

- Presidential Scholar

My name is Maryam Faisal, a current student of BlueCrest College. I am a front-end developer and an aspiring entrepreneur. In my free time, I love to code, tour, and learn new things.

Is been a year now at BlueCrest and am already a developer. Thanks to BlueCrest College for making my expectations and career dream come true. At BlueCrest, I am equipped with the needed resources and education which have made me who I am now. BlueCrest has taught me networking, public speaking, and has led me to the right career bridge.

Thanks to all the knowledgeable and experienced staff of BlueCrest College and to my fellow colleagues from across the continent for making my stay at Bluecrest a success and fun so far.

Long live BlueCrest College! Long live Ghana!


Jessica Gator

- Presidential Scholar

My name is Jessica Gator and I am a level 200 student in semester 3 at BlueCrest University College in Accra, Ghana. I am currently studying for a Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology (IT).

In 2019 I heard of their presidential scholarship scheme and decided to apply, as I was very interested in pursuing that line of education. I went for the interview with a lot of people and I, fortunately, made the cut. I guess we will all be wanting to know the presidential scholarship scheme! It is this amazing scholarship set up by BCC Ghana and the Ghanaian Government to bring more people (especially females) into IT through footing their full tuition fee at BCC GH. The scholarship also provides them with the needed support and environment to become the IT professionals they dream of being and I'm proud to say that I'm part of the first cohort.

About the journey so far; It has been sooo marvelous learning from the great faculty at BCC School of Technology and I must say the amount of energy and time put into the practical lessons are the best you can find anywhere. But maybe you do not want to study IT. Then you can choose from a variety of other programs offered here at BCC Ghana, which include the School of Fashion and Design and the School of Business and Communication. They also have a number of Centers of Excellence. Come and experience education for life as I did, you won’t regret it!


Felix Botwe

- Presidential Scholar

I am Felix Botwe a student of Bluecrest college and a beneficiary of the presidential scholarship offered by Bluecrest college to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology.

One most important aspect of robotics is to correctly write algorithms in order to solve a particular problem. Being a programmer and builder in robotics, Bluecrest has really helped me understand the core concept of programming and correctly writing algorithms to create autonomous systems.

In addition, Bluecrest college has helped me acquire skills in different aspects of technology and I can now create a website template with HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript within my first year stay at Bluecrest.I strongly believe that at the end of my four year stay at Bluecrest college, I will graduate as professional full stack web and software developer. I assure you of quality education at Bluecrest college because education at Bluecrest is indeed for life.


Dennis Eunice

- Presidential Scholar

Hi, my name is Dennis Eunice, a student at BlueCrest University from the Department of Information technology. Education or learning is such an important part of our lives. We are nothing without knowledge, and education is what separates us from others. The most critical step to accumulate education is enrolling oneself in a school. School is the primary learning place for many people. Similarly, it's the primary spark in receiving an education. My school is my second home where I spend most of my time. Above all, it gives me a platform to try to better my life and help to build my personality.

I feel blessed to be a part of the cohort in what I consider to be one of the foremost, prestigious and esteemed schools in GHANA.

Additionally, my school features a lot of assets which make me feel fortunate to be a part of it. BlueCrest college is where dreams are made to be a reality with the help of our well-trained and professional lecturers and a conducive environment.

I am so very grateful to have been given the opportunity to engage myself in all aspects of college life, because of the wonderful scholarship that was given to me. I take great pride in all that I do here at BlueCrest college and for the area my experience has provided me. I hope to become a software developer and eventually receive a Doctorate in Data Analysis, but this first step towards my dreams would not have been possible without the humanity of the BlueCrest Scholarship. EDUCATION FOR LIFE!


Ernest Ghansah

- Presidential Scholar

Hello, I’m Ernest Ghansah, a student of bluecrest university college and a product from the information technology department. Bluecrest university college is a bright and big community of experts in Information Technology, Fashion, Mass Communication and Business Adminitration. Inside and outside of the IT department, we have professional and trained lecturers who are helpful and accessible with our course materials. As a brainstormer and a builder in robotics, one of the crucial thing you should know is programming and bluecrest college has really helped me understand the concept of coding and programming.

Being in bluecrest college is the best thing that has really happened to me. This is because I was given a presidential scholarship to persue a degree of my choice. Moreover, I had no idea about web development and other concept of information technology but through bluecrest I have acquired and gained knowledge about these concepts within my first year. And I hope by the end of my stay here in this noble institution I will excel as a professional software and web developer. So I urge you all to join Bluecrest university college for a bright future. Thank you…


Hayford Alberta

- Presidential Scholar

As a proud beneficiary of the BlueCrest Scholarship Scheme, awarded on the 30th August 2019, I was given straight entry to the university to study a degree in Information Technology. As a volunteer instructor at the Ghana Code Club (an organization teaching and mentoring kids to acquire digital knowledge), I gained great confidence and when I got into BlueCrest college I acquired a desire to learn more about the field that inspires me, Information Technology.

I learned how to apply myself and I received much clarity on the entrepreneurial aspects of life after I completed a semester in entrepreneurial skills (extracurricular course offered to us by the university). Education at BlueCrest college has allowed me to experience strong views and courses which have helped me in my continued pursuit of becoming a software engineer and a system security analyst. This is due to the practical educational and extracurricular benefaction at BlueCrest College.

There are easily accessible and helpful lecturers who run an open-door policy where one is welcomed to discuss anything concerning a lecture or a resource to be clarified. BlueCrest college has taught me to keep an open mind; and has pushed me in academics and personal growth for my own good.

I am eternally grateful to BlueCrest college for such a rare opportunity.

I am HAYFORD ALBERTA and can be defined as the #blissfulgirlintech.