At BlueCrest College we embed in our DNA a combined sense of purpose and discovery, inspiring our students to make a difference in the workplace.

The BlueCrest Way

BlueCrest University College is a premium educational centre of excellence in Ghana with well-structured programmes aimed at building the capacity of graduates to become the next generation leaders.

The BlueCrest way of teaching and learning is anchored on Leadership, Innovation, Technology and Entrepreneurship (LITE approach). The LITE approach drives the teaching, training and learning philosophy of both faculty and students at the college.

At BlueCrest, we value empowerment and passion, success of students, and partnership and collaborations to provide a life-long learning to create a holistic impact on all our stakeholders.

BlueCrest University College is and will remain one of the best colleges in the region with a focus on high-quality affordable programmes, training, research, consultancy activities and impactful community development initiatives.

Come with a dream, and leave with a career!

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To be a preferred center of excellence in education, talent development, research, and innovation responsive to the individual, institutional and social development needs of the people of the Republic of Ghana in particular and Africa in general.


To incorporate in a self-sustainable approach, the use of new-age technology, learning processes, global alliances, and an exemplary governance culture to enhance the delivery of value to the student community, industry, and other stakeholders.

History of BlueCrest

  • 2010

  • Bluecrest secures a long term lease in the vibrant district of Kokomlemle in Accra, for what is currently today's Bluecrest Campus. Administration establishes an affiliation with University of Education, Winneba to offer degree programmes, with a focus on Bachelor of Science, Information Technology.

  • 2012

  • Within 2 years, Bluecrest was Accredited by the National Accreditation Board of Ghana (NAB) as a Tertiary Education Institution.

  • 2013

  • Bluecrest graduates its first batch of BSc I.T. students, including a cohort of engineers holding NIIT diplomas and transitioning to a 4 year degree.

  • 2014

  • Bluecrest signs strategic collaboration with the University of Sunderland to offer postgraduate Masters programmes in Computing, Information Systems and IT.

  • 2015

  • Bluecrest officially opens the School of Fashion & Design with certificate and degree programs to cater to creative and liberal arts students.

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Message From
The Chairman

Deciding to study at BlueCrest College is a wise choice for the youngsters in Ghana & West Africa. We strive to nurture young minds and bring out the best in them. We offer industry-relevant programs with a competent faculty that aims to enhance their employability in an ever-changing dynamic job market. We are considered one of best Information Technology, Business, Journalism & Design Schools in the heart of Accra. Our location in the city makes us an ideal choice as a city centric education provider. We are a motivated, progressive and innovative institution that has now expanded to city centers in Liberia & Sierra Leone as well.

Message From
The Rector

BlueCrest - This name has a pleasant connotation and various meanings. Blue symbolizes depth, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, stability, faith, and many other qualities. The tallest point is called the crest. Together, BlueCrest College is a College that can be highly trusted, loyal, and a source of knowledge and confidence.

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Bluecrest college accreditation

Ghana Tertiary Education Commission (GTEC) is Ghana’s official governing body to award, review and facilitate accreditation of tertiary institutions in the country. It has accredited BlueCrest University College to provide tertiary education programmes in various subjects.

Bluecrest college accreditation

Commission for Technical and Vocational Education and Training (CTVET) is a national body set up by an Act of Parliament of the Republic of Ghana. CTVET is responsible to co-ordinate and oversee all aspects of technical and vocational education and training. BlueCrest University College has partnered with CTVET to offer vocational and skill-based programmes for students in various disciplines.


Bluecrest college affiliations

Since 2010, BlueCrest College is a proud affiliate of the UeW, a leading public university. All the undergraduate programmes offered at BlueCrest College are awarded and governed in accordance with rules and regulations established by the UeW.

Bluecrest college affiliations

All BlueCrest programmes are affiliated to National Board for Professional and Technician Examinations (NAPBTEX). It is an academic accreditation body that oversees institutions with NAB accreditation, especially practices pertaining to examinations, certification, syllabus competence etc.


We at BCC welcome CVs from academics in all the areas of Business, Management, Mass Communication, Journalism, IT, Fashion, and Design. We prefer doctoral level qualifications. Interviews are conducted regularly. Please submit your detailed CV along with a letter of interest/motivation to hr@bluecrest.edu.gh. We have attractive salaries and benefits to offer. Feel free to write to the HR office for more details.

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Careers & Professional Development

Partnerships and

BlueCrest College has partnered up with the following entrepreneurial hubs to support potential startup founders in the campus.

MEST - Meltwater Entrepreneurial School of Training
iSpace Foundation
Developers in Vogue

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+233 24 792 0726

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