Teaching and
Learning Center



To be a renowned resource centre that creates lifelong learning opportunities for educators, ensuring continuous effective professional development.


To develop a holistic culture that values learning as a lifelong process supporting pedagogical excellence and professional development.


  •  Regular monitoring of teaching and learning quality in order to find areas of improvement and training
  •  Launching regular training programs for faculty members and external persons in the areas of teaching and learning
  •  Researching the best practices in teaching and learning, and ensuring its adoption at BCC
  •  Motivating and supporting educators to do research on teaching and learning


As the current head of the Teaching and Learning Centre of BlueCrest College, Ghana, AnitaBans-Akutey has more than twelve years’ experience in industry, academia and research. She lectures at the School of Business and Communication with the Business Administration Department.

Her research interest is in the application of technology in management, teaching and learning. 

Anita Bans-Akutey

TLC Head

Isaac Ato Mensah

In charge of Communications & Certifications

Ahmed Karim

Monitoring and Evaluation

Charles Saah

In charge of Technology and Infrastructure

Elsie Osei

Training & Events Publicity

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Teaching and Learning Outcomes

Recent Event

The teaching and learning centre recently had a training course for all full time and part time faculty of BlueCrest College called ETB (Effective Teaching at BlueCrest College). The ETB course was aimed at equipping faculty members with the necessary skillset to effectively engage students online via the school’s learning management system (Moodle). ETB was very timely and relevant in ensuring that all students are able to complete the semester successfully amidst the Covid-19 Pandemic. All successful participants have been awarded certificates and are now more confident to teach online.