Life at BlueCrest is about discovering hidden talents. With a thriving student body, there are many ways students can get some downtime, have fun and make new friends.


Student activities & campus life spreads itself across modern, comfortable facilities provided by BlueCrest for the ultimate academic success. The well maintained campus infrastructure ensures that students have access to digital equipment, spaces to study and great food to keep their minds well-nourished. BlueCrest encourages ambitious students to take advantage of these facilities as part of their coursework or student organizations.


BlueCrest boasts a formidable international student population of 22%, and is one of the few Accra-based institutions that offers merit-based scholarships to international students. In an increasingly global business world, BlueCrest believes it is important to have a student population that reflects international diversity, individual cultural perspectives and experiences international students bring to the classroom & community.

What Our Students Say

Our Students are Co-creators of Learning. We emphasize peer learning, and our students love the way we teach. Listen what they say about us.

Community Engagement

We strive to graduate socially responsible and civically engaged individuals who recognize that they play a role in giving back to the community and can solve global social-justice issues in an innovative way.



To enhance service delivery in a very innovative way and to increase our students’ satisfaction and brand image.


To continue to improve our quality of services to provide better services to all the students.


  • To ensure that the new Enrollment form is updated for freshers and existing students.
  • To handle queries related to fees, and helping with visa, enrollment, marks, graduation, matriculation and immigration (resident permit).
  • To oversee the issuance of ID cards, Email ID, CollPoll ID, Moodle ID, Courseware and Fashion kits.
  • To see to the Issuance of introductory letter, Reference letter, internship letter, recommendation letter and all needed letters requested.
  • To maintain Courseware stock, periodical checking and ordering of new books in advance.
  • To ensure the general maintenance of students records.
  • Handling Nigeria Youth Service Council (NYSC), National Service Scheme (NSS) and Students Loan Trust Fund (SLTF) matters.
  • To ensure the handling deferment request, name change, program change, etc.
  • Issuing of Admit cards(Eligibility notes) during exams
  • Sending information to students in mass form.
  • Issuance of students’ academic transcript and certificate
  • Updating of students contact, mails and other relevant information on the campus management system(s).
  • Conducting of verification exercises for final year students
  • Preparation of matriculation register to be submitted to the monitoring university.


Snr. Administrative Assistant - Student Records

Careers & Internships

BlueCrest campus life exposes you to the socio-cultural experiences that are necessary to define you as an individual. And this definition in turn allows you to discover paths of interest where your passions lie in the real world.

Careers and Internships