BlueCrest - This name has a pleasant connotation and various meanings. Blue symbolizes depth, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, stability, faith, and many other qualities. The tallest point is called the crest. Together, BlueCrest College is a College that can be highly trusted, loyal, and a source of knowledge and confidence.

BlueCrest College is not a traditional University; rather, it is a College that focuses on developing skills that are in high demand in the labor market. As a head of this College, Blue Crest’s concept of being a technology-enabled College has always captivated me, and it aligns with my life’s goal of empowering people via technology and driving forth change in society.” The college's programs are designed to fulfill industry requirements and assist students in finding jobs immediately after graduation. This is one of the key reasons why BlueCrest College graduates have a substantially better employability rate than graduates from other universities. Understanding the importance of technology in today's education and the impending reliance on technology in our daily lives, the school consistently promotes and adheres to technology-enabled education on campus. As the College's Rector, my first priority is to produce high-quality graduates who will excel in Leadership, Innovation, Technology, and Entrepreneurship (LITE). Our goal is to empower our students to be social change makers.

The college has carved out a specialty in these fields, having graduated over 1000 students in technology and over 500 students in fashion. Business and journalism degrees with a focus on technology and entrepreneurship are also available at the college. The College has created a name for itself in Ghana as a result of its outstanding graduates. Many tech entrepreneurs, software developers, Miss Ghana title winners, Fashionpreneur, Television anchors, Journalist, Movie makers among others are BlueCrest College's alumni. In order to reflect the knowledge and wisdom gained at college, we teach students to empathize, critically examine needs, be motivated by motives, and actively engage in social concerns. Students have exemplified these in a number of ways such as organizing a press conference to advocate for the right to information bill, a call for the ban on plastic waste and a walk to create awareness about the importance of water and the need to protect water bodies in the country to commemorate world water day among others. We strive as a College to instill the greatest traits in our students and to offer them with a 360-degree holistic education that will not only prepare them to be skilled resources but also to be responsible citizens of this country.

Dr Sujith Jayaprakash

Rector, BlueCrest University College, Ghana