BlueCrest College (BCC) is not only a tertiary educational institute but a centre for excellence in the region. We aim to develop professional skills in our students so that they are not only employable, but also lead as the next generation of managers, leaders, thinkers, and entrepreneurs. Our goal is to equip our students with critical skills and creative thinking that can fuel social, economic, and technological development in this region.

Our three Schools- School of Business and Communication, School of Technology, and School of Fashion and Design, are furnished with the best equipment, resources, tools and above all, devoted staff and faculty members, who focus on the four-pronged learning approach for all our students: Knowledge, Skills, Attitude, and Values. In addition to the regular courses, our students learn from various co-curricular activities like - workshops, projects, festivals, seminars, boot- camps, and club activities.

Our research and grant centre is poised to be at the forefront of regional research. It is in partnership with organizations who want to go beyond traditional frontiers of research to provide valuable insights for balanced growth and development in society.

Alumni members of any institute reflect its spirit. Our alumni members are at top positions in corporates, government organizations, and as successful entrepreneurs. Our current partnerships boost our drive to be the best educational institution, active at not only producing education but also nurturing knowledge, research, consulting, and improving the quality of community life.

A set of well-planned scholarships, which even amounts to 100% of the total fee, ensures that talented students, who deserve a high-quality education, are not left behind due to the financial constraints. Our four pillars with the acronym LITE, the three foundation blocks at the bottom, and the top two summit blocks make our symbol of quality and passion. The symbol not only makes us unique but also provides the direction for institutional building.

Let's collaborate for making a positive impact in this region.

Dr Anand Agrawal

Rector, BlueCrest University College, Ghana