Lecturer – School of Technology

Dr. Dickson Wornyo is a Lecturer with the School of Technology at BlueCrest College. He earned his MSc. Computer Application Technology from Nanjing University, China and his PhD in Computer Application Technology from Jiangsu University, China. Dr. Dickson has 9 years of teaching experience, and his research interests are in Artificial intelligence, Machine learning and Big data.

Areas of Teaching/ Specialization – Artificial intelligence, Machine learning, Computer security, Database concept and technology, Distributed systems, System analysis and design

Research Area/ Focus - Dr. Dickson’s research interests are in the areas of Artificial intelligence, Machine learning and Big data.

Recent Publications:

  • 1. Coupled Support Vector Ensemble Machines (2020)
  • 2. Sample Induced Factorization Ensemble Kernel Regression (2020)