HoD – Journalism Department

Mr. Philip Acquaye is the Head of Department of Mass Communication and Journalism at BlueCrest College. He is a Marketing and Communications professional with decades of experience practising journalism. His areas of specialization include Development Communication, Journalism, Marketing Communications and Script Writing. He has an MBA in Marketing from University of Ghana.

Areas of Teaching/ Specialization – Mass Communication, Journalism, Communication Research and Advertising

Research Area/ Focus - Mr. Philip Acquaye’s research interest is in the area of Mass Communication and Development Communication

Recent Publications:

  • Acquaye, P. (2019, December 12). Revolutionizing Agriculture in Ghana with Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence. Retrieved from (
  • Acquaye, P. (2019, October, 28). Between Representation and Re-presentation in the Media. Retrieved from (
  • Acquaye, P. (2019, April 10). The Church and Proliferation of Spiritual Firearms. Retrieved from (
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  • Acquaye, P. (2017, December 15). International Day of Democracy: Upholding Democratic Ideals in Africa.