FALL 2021 Admissions

Bluecrest Admissions Office is currently accepting applications from high school and mature candidates for entry in Fall 2021 term. Click here to apply now!

Graduating Students of the Bluecrest School of Fashion & Design Hold Mind-Blowing Fashion Show, Apasoɔ Kasa ‘21

The final year graduate fashion shows of the BlueCrest School of Fashion & Design, Apasoɔ Kasa, have always been a sight to behold. Held at the Aviation Social Center – with Covid-19 Protocols strictly observed- the graduating students worked on the theme “Youthful Exuberance, The African Expression”. The evening saw designs created by the vibrant students […]

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BlueCrest’s MSc. Information Technology Program

The world is rapidly evolving and becoming more digitized as the days go by. The use of technology has become a necessity in various sectors such as education, health, transportation, entertainment and sports. This has made having skills in the field of Technology essential in climbing the success ladder.  To contribute to making individuals more […]

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My BlueCrest Journey – Andromeda Nazah

I discovered BlueCrest University College through a friend who was already enrolled and highly recommended the school for me. My career goal was to become a Public Relations and Advertising expert but BlueCrest offered more than I was looking forward to since my course was embedded in Mass Communication and Journalism. I was skeptical about […]

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Did your school participate in the BlueCrest University College National Competitive Examination (NCE)? If yes, please check your results and find if you are eligible for a scholarship.

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We merge disciplines and surpass expectations, knowing that creative thinking across boundaries results in unimagined discoveries.

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    Build industry-ready business & entrepreneurship skills and choose from concentration option such as banking, HR and accounting.


    Learn how to code and build working apps. Bluecrest empowers you to find the technology solutions to real world problems.


    Unleash the designer in you! Let your creativity run wild and showcase it to the world on the catwalk at our top ranked School of Fashion Design.

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Do you have the next big idea? We want to hear about it and help you realize it.


Research and
Grant Center

Our curiosity never wavers. Nor does our desire to shape new fields and transform lives.

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Bluecrest College

A world-class education taught by award-winning faculty with an ocean backdrop. We are here to launch you on your journey to success.


Bluecrest freshmen and transfer students come from all over Africa —ready for challenge and discovery




A graduate business degree from Bluecrest is about more than just skills training. It’s about a new way of thinking, a way of developing a framework for decision making that embraces social responsibility, ethical standards, and worldwide perspective.



Professional programs at BlueCrest are for those who wish to keep up with industry trends and anticipate what comes next. Discover emerging opportunities in business & technology from the convenience of a city campus.

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Sierra Leone & Liberia

Our campuses in Sierra Leone & Liberia form the backbone of our commitment to excellence in West African education, where faculty share research and best practices and deliver positive outcomes.

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Explore our core mandate, overview of programs, course descriptions, our schools, student life, finances, and more.

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Student Life

Hackathons, fashion shows, yoga & student parties - there are plenty of ways to unwind.

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