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Information Technology (IT) is the application of computers and telecommunication systems to produce, manipulate,store, organize, retrieve, and transmit data. It involves the development, installation, implementation, management, and maintenance of computer hardware and software within companies, universities, and other organizations.

This course provides you with the fundamentals of Information Technology, and the hands-on experience you need to excel in the tech space. The Bachelor of Science in Information Technology program prepares students to meet the information and communication technology needs of government, business, healthcare, universities, and other kinds of organizations.

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  • Appreciate the scientific principles and understand the underlying integrated (social, economic, political, cultural) nature of ICT and therefore not limit it to just a collection of hardware and software

  • Apply the range of suitable technologies for different endeavours in real life situations.

  • Be knowledgeable about the constantly changing world and a means of aligning the dynamic nature of digital technology (innovation) to businesses of the future.

  • Be knowledgeable in the skills of Software Engineering;

  • Have an understanding on the programming techniques, principles and practice in Software Engineering.

  • Have the knowledge and skills in Web Technology and professional issues to start their career as Web Technologists.

  • Provide an integrated solution for the design, installation and operation of complex computer systems focusing on computer networks.

  • Demonstrate understanding and capability in applying theory and model which are the fundamentals in identifying and analysing a problem, designing systems, construction, implementation, verification and documentation.
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Coursera Integration

BCC integrates Coursera courses into its core curricula as credit-eligible, blended, and supplemental learning. With world-class content and trend data from Coursera’s large learner base, the platform will offer pre-configured course collections for learners by domain areas.

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